Inner Circle Membership Program

Inner Circle Membership Program

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We have designed and refined our membership program to support you in the best possible way
on your journey to vibrant health.

 Inner Circle Membership

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Are you frustrated with your body? Your health? Your energy?

Would you like to have more control over how you look and feel?

Do you even believe that you CAN have control?

If this sounds anything like you, guess what? You’re not alone! As a matter of fact, thousands of women just like you have also arrived here, and they are already taking control.

WAIT!  If you are looking for a quick fix or overnight miracle, please stop reading now.  This program is not for you.  If you are looking for lasting results and true improvements to your overall health and well-being, please keep reading.

Do ANY of these challenges sound familiar?

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  • Unjustified body weight has you frustrated and in despair. You don’t feel good about how you look, but nothing changes no matter what you do.
  • You have recurring health challenges – you’ve tried drugs or special miracle cures, but in the end nothing really helps.
  • Your anxiety levels have you considering anti-depressants – or you’re already on them, and are looking for a way out of your zombie-zone!
  • You go into uncontrollable mood swings and suffer with vicious cramps every month during your cycle, or your hot flashes/night sweats are exhausting you.
  • Every time you look in the mirror there’s another wrinkle, and the bags under your eyes are getting so deep you can pack your groceries in them.
  • Or you’re tired. Just plain tired. You even wake up tired.
  • You’ve tried to make a difference. You’ve gone to your doctor. You’ve gone to your health food store. You’ve gone to your fitness club. You’ve gone on a diet. You’ve gone to the spa. You’re now Starbucks best customer, and are considering injecting espresso intravenously.

You want answers!

You’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time and money trying to find answers. But results are eluding you. There’s still unjustified excess body fat. Energy is still low. Health challenges are still plaguing you.

Nothing works, or if it works, it never lasts

You’ve decided that maybe there just aren’t any answers, and you’re going to have to learn to live with a body that doesn’t look and feel the way you want it to.

You have now found Brenda Eastwood. She is an Author and Women’s Health & Hormone Specialist who has simple solutions and tells it like it is.  She’s taken her 30+ years of private practice and clinical experience to put all the pieces together for women everywhere.  Thousands of women are looking and feeling better than they have in years by filling in the missing pieces she provides for them.  Women who were running out of hope, women just like you.  Brenda’s trusted expertise will guide you to the vibrant health you desire and deserve.

Finally, there ARE answers

Are you ready for a simple step-by-step system that …

  • has been designed by a true expert in women’s wellness
  • gives you REAL results
  • has a PROVEN track record
  • you can TRUST because it’s worked for THOUSANDS of other women

It might be hard to imagine, but by following this system

  • you will have so much energy you’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning
  • your skin will be radiant and glowing with vibrant health
  • you can throw out your “fat clothes” and get back into your “slim” ones
  • you’ll look and feel younger in a surprisingly short period of time
  • your friends will want to know what happy pills you’re taking

It’s easy and it’s cost effective

Are you somewhat skeptical? Well, you should be.
So let’s repeat that.

This proven step-by-step system is …

  • EASY
  • READY, SET, GO…!

If this sounds like the system for you, then you are ABSOLUTELY ready to join Brenda Eastwood’s unique and exclusive Inner Circle membership program for women.

You’ll save literally thousands of dollars and a huge amount of your precious time!
By now you’re probably thinking this sounds a bit too good to be true. Or, you’re wondering if you can possibly afford it.  So what if I told you that you’d spend less on this program per month than what you’d spend to have a pizza delivered?

Other membership programs charge exorbitant prices to provide you with just a fraction of what she has to offer. And people pay it, because they are frustrated and crying for help with the hopes of a quick fix.

But Brenda Eastwood is going to make it easy and inexpensive for you.  She will help you get the results you want BUT they don’t come overnight.  They WILL happen when you follow her trusted step-by-step program.  Many women report feeling better within the first few weeks, for others it is a slower process.  You will however get results.  Her motto is “progress not perfection”.

And, the best news is that all results are long lasting.

Inner Circle Membership

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Here are some of the unique and results-oriented benefits that Brenda and her nutritional partner Megan bring exclusively to their Inner Circle Members (learn more about Brenda and Megan here):

The “Creating Total Health” Series

IC members only

This is the actual foundation of the Inner Circle program. There are a lot of other things you receive as a member, but this is one of the key pieces so we’ll start here.

If there’s something not working with your health, body or energy the way you want it to, it can be hard to know where to start. The sheer volume of information and choices is overwhelming. What to do first? What should you read? What do your well-meaning friends tell you?  What should you buy? Aarrgghh!

The series has been written with YOU in mind. Not for a panel of scientists. Not in a language designed for health professionals. Brenda knows it needs to be easy and affordable. She wants you to be bursting with energy, in total health, with beautiful radiant skin. This is how the “Creating Total Health” series was designed.  It’s for women who want maximum results with the least amount of effort at a price they can afford.

Inner Circle Members receive a weekly email that guides you step-by-step on where to start, what to do next, what you need, what will happen … all in easy bite-sized manageable pieces.  It is all laid out for you. This is how you start. This is what you do next. Very simple and basic action steps, easy to understand, easy to implement, and in order of importance. You don’t have to turn your life upside-down and make radical changes (your health isn’t an overnight fix, remember?), just one simple step at a time.  The entire series runs for two years, that’s about the time it takes to make lifetime lasting changes in one’s health.

1. There are 104 lessons, one per week for 2 years
2. Each lesson is concise and succinct so it is easy to read and follow
3. It reflects the most current research and nutritional information
4. We have included some recipes and food ideas
5. There are valuable health pieces that we feel everyone should know, such as:

  • Natural Antibiotics
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Why Not Soy
  • The Dangers of Calcium

6. There are lessons on how to make healthier food choices and incorporate
different healthy foods into your everyday diet.
7. It is more complete than any encyclopedia or book on health.


8. It is designed so that you get the most information to provide you with the fastest results possible in the least amount of time.

Password Protected Health Encyclopedia (FAQ)

IC words

Years of study, research and practical application through both private practice and clinical experience have led to a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with simple effective answers to your health questions.

As an Inner Circle Member, you have exclusive access to the password-protected section of this website.  The FAQ contains literally thousands answers instantly available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No matter where you are or what time it is, you have important health information at your fingertips.  For example, you wake up at 3am with a bladder infection, what natural remedies can you use?  Or you’ve just come down with a terrible sore throat, what can you do to nip this encroaching cold so you don’t get sick?

You’ll also find answers to things you didn’t even realize you wanted to know (like how to deal with those troublesome headaches you’ve been getting for years, or why you can’t lose weight even though you’ve changed your diet).

Complimentary e-Manuals

IC manuals liver pic

All of our comprehensive e-Manuals are complementary to Inner Circle Members. Ranging in topics from Weight Loss, recovering from Adrenal Fatigue, to Balancing Moods and Cleansing the Colon. These e-Manuals are available for immediate download in our Online Store.  You’ll also receive $9.97 off any package that contains an e-manual (we provide a coupon code for you to use).

Personal Health Coaching: Consultations
and Full Health Evaluations


If you want to add an extra catapult to your results, you can schedule a personal one-on-one evaluation and consultation by phone with Brenda’s nutritional partner, Megan Bocsik, RNCP.

We have consultation services available on our website.  They are designed to give you one-on-one personalized coaching, along with a suggested program to meet your needs and a roadmap for your personal health journey.  These consultations are not free, because Brenda and Megan’s time is extremely valuable, not to mention your health is very personal and we feel you should have the most comprehensive approach taken with us when it comes to coaching you back to vibrant health .  In fact, we feel so strongly about giving our clients the best help possible, we include a 30 minute follow up for the regular consultation fee of $125.00.  If you need/desire further follow  up, each 15 minute purchase will give you two 15 minutes or one 30 minute follow up!

If you’re NOT an Inner Circle member, consultation services are available but full rates apply (see the Online Store for more details).

Social Media Networking

IC fb pic

You will have exclusive access to our closed (private) Facebook Group for Inner Circle members only.  Use this tool for networking and connecting with other members often. You all support each other in a safe place on your journey to vibrant health.

Bonus: Online Supplement Shopping with Discounts and Gifts for Members

IC monthly sales

Everyone (members and non-members) has access to our personally recommended high quality supplements and non-toxic personal care and skin products at great low prices with monthly sales on some of your favourite products.  BUT exclusive to members, you will receive a bonus gift with any order over $150 before taxes and after coupon codes.  It really couldn’t get ANY easier!

  • No more battling traffic
  • No more wasting money on gas and parking
  • No more frustration, arriving at the store to find they are sold out of what you need
  • No more wasting hours at the store leaving more confused than when you arrived
  • No more feeling overwhelmed staring at shelves of hundreds of little bottles
  • No more wasting time trying to figure out what you need
  • No more garbage supplements that give you nothing more than expensive urine
  • No more over-inflated prices for lousy quality
  • No more fruitless searching for hard-to-find specialty products
  • No more bamboozlement or getting talked into the ‘latest and greatest’ miracle cures!

We’ve made shopping for supplements in our online store SO EASY

  • Brenda has spent over 30 years choosing only the BEST products to go in her store.  You can be sure that her choices are guaranteed to be the most effective and economical.
  • There is only ONE (or two) of each product so you don’t have to agonize over which is the right brand, form or dosage.
  • If you’ve been reading the Creating Total Health series, so you know exactly what to do for guaranteed results – no more mysteries.
  • We give you access to difficult to find or specialty supplements
  • The Online Store is open 24/7 – this is fabulously convenient for everyone!
  • You can order from the comfort and privacy of your home or office, you’re not rushed.
  • Everything is competitively priced (we price check constantly to ensure you reap the best savings).
  • Monthly sales and specials for our Inner Circle members create even more opportunity for extra $ in your pocket.
  • Always a lower price for Inner Circle members on services and seminars that are offered and promoted to the public as well.
  • Ordering is easy, and your order is delivered right to your doorstep (or mailbox).
  • It usually arrives the next day (lower mainland BC and Vancouver Island), and always within three to five business days elsewhere (*as per Canada Post delivery guidelines).
  • Shipping is FREE on orders over $75.00 (US orders will be charged $20 S&H for any sized order)


  • Bonus: Pampering gifts ONLY for our Inner Circle members included in all orders over $150.00

What did we say earlier?

  • EASY

At Maximum Results, we feel EVERY woman deserves vibrant health.  Brenda’s mission is to continually provide you with economical, efficient and effective support to help you reach your health goals. Poor quality supplements will sabotage your best efforts at success. Everything in our Online Store is of optimal quality and WORKS.

“During my 30+ years of experience I have tried hundreds of different brands of products. I have found many incredible ones, but unfortunately they are not all produced by the same company. Not every store carries all the brands that I recommend, which is frustrating and time-consuming for my clients and members. So by overwhelming demand, I have brought all these phenomenal products together under one ‘online’ roof.” (Brenda Eastwood, RNCP).

Brenda Eastwood and Megan Bocsik are here to help you be healthier, happier, slimmer, vitally energized and radiantly beautiful. Maximum results with the least amount of effort and $; Guaranteed.

What Does It All Cost?

Inner Circle Membership

There are literally hundreds of programs out there that aren’t half as effective as Brenda Eastwood’s Inner Circle, yet they charge thousands of dollars for membership.  The true value of the Inner Circle program certainly totals in the thousands, but Brenda wants to make it affordable so she can reach and help as many women as possible.

So … are you ready for this?

Our Inner Circle Membership is only $197.00 for your first year, with an annual renewal fee of $39/year for as long as you wish to remain a member.

And just to make it even more RISK-FREE for you there are no strings, no obligations, and you can cancel your membership at any time before your next renewal.

Please email if you have further questions or proceed to

Inner Circle Membership

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Still not sure?

“I have found your advice reliable, practical, and highly effective and your products valuable and economical.  Since I have come to trust your work you have saved me countless hours of trying to find and filter information on my own. Thanks for all your good work.” ~Janine G.

I have been a member of the Inner Circle for some time and am pleased about it.  I appreciate your research on health issues and know that if I read it on your message, you have looked into the issue in detail and with accuracy.  Thank you for your work with nutrition and sharing your work with us all.” ~Karen U

“Dear Brenda and team. I think being an Inner Circle member is incredibly valuable – whether I’ve been in the country or not!  I have accessed the FAQ several times in the past several months and been grateful for the info I find. I will always retain my Inner Circle Membership!!!!” ~in grateful good health, Doreen B

“I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t introduced to the inner circle. Thank you for everything you do.  Everything I have come to you for has worked beautifully.  Thanks again for ALL your help.”  ~Juanita C, Vancouver

Joining the Inner Circle Membership was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I am very fortunate to have all of you in my life:).  A BIG THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!” ~Best Regards, Michelle B

“A HUGE congratulations to MeganWorth her weight in gold and I’m just so happy to have her in my health court!  I can always count on her for her amazing support and knowledge.” ~ Gail A, Victoria

“Thanks for your help, Brenda. It is so great to feel so much better. I never thought I would feel this good again. It’s so nice to be productive.” ~ Alice B, Vancouver

“Dear Brenda, your extensive knowledge has been very helpful to me in sooooo many ways throughout the years.  It has been a relief to be able to go to the FAQ’s and answer many health issues related to my family and myself.” ~Noreen G, Alta

“I have been a member of the Inner Circle for a long time and only lately have I started using your FAQ’s.  You have put an amazing amount of work into the information you have there and you deserve lots of kudos for those efforts and the fact that you keep it up to date.

I also appreciate your e-letters, health lessons, manuals all of which is in aid of women’s health and I personally thank you for that.” ~Margaret A

“Thank you so much for this TERRIFIC health bulletin. I always appreciate the wisdom you share, but this one is particularly on target.” ~Diane G C

“Hi Brenda, You write very clearly, have information we can’t get elsewhere, and are so passionate.” ~Anita W, Victoria

Maximum Results is truly part of my every day health strategy :)”~ Cheers, Susan V

 Inner Circle Membership

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