Brenda Eastwood, author, women’s hormone and health specialist and winner of the Woman of Worth 2011: Health and Wellness Award, has presented her powerful seminars and workshops to thousands of women.  She not only speaks from her own personal experiences but also through 30+ years of working directly with women of all ages both in private practice and through her unique online coaching program called the Inner Circle.

Brenda speaks on a variety of health related topics from busting stress to boosting energy and balancing hormones. As Dr. Nelie Johnson proclaims, “Her seminars are always engaging, informative, entertaining and fun, fun, fun!!!!”

Women always speak enthusiastically about their life changing experiences after hearing her speak and following her advice.

Although based in Victoria, BC, Brenda can be booked for events throughout Canada, the US and internationally for both private and public functions.

If you would like to bring Brenda to your city, please send inquiries to maximumresults@shaw.ca


“Just wanted to say thank you for the event at Sparkling Hill, I have had two patients today comment on what a great speaker you are and that it really reinforced what we have been working on together in their health care.  Thanks for spreading the word about how hormones can really affect a woman throughout her life.”

Dr. Shelby Entner

Okanagan Natural Medicine



Good morning Brenda and thank you for the most enlightening, fun and informative evening! I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar in Kelowna and can’t wait to get started on the Total Health pack (plus B6 and Wild Yam) AND read your book. You answered so many questions for me and I’m thrilled to know that there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Today is going to be the first day of the rest of my ‘amazing’ life. So long to body aches, moodiness, fatigue, low sex drive, etc…. I’m ready to become a new woman! The woman I knew I always could be! Tamara, Kelowna BC


 “Sensational!!!  Your presentation was totally engaging, informative, entertaining and fun, fun, fun!!!  What a way to learn about nutrition and make healthy change.  You are a change maker.   

You are going to have a blast of a book tour.  None of those women will know what hit them!   

Just want you to know that I am so grateful that we have connected.  Every success.  I can see you touring the planet with this book.”

Hugs and blessings,

Nelie Johnson MD

‘Be the power in your life for health and joy’



“WOW, Brenda! You did it!!! What a night! You most certainly are & always will be a WOW WOMAN in my eyes! Your passion, commitment & respect for each of us as individuals is awesome. I am so pleased to say that my friends were really touched by your honesty, frankness, great sense of humor & dedication to educating each & every one of us in the audience.

For the rest of your road tour, I am seeing the ladies “bring the house down”, so to speak with their interest, excitement & fun in discovering your “9 Natural Fast Solutions to Balanced Hormones”!

big hugs & will be thinking about you tonight.”  Nancy K, Vancouver, BC.


 “Because of your seminar, I no longer drag my butt around in the day.  After 5 days I lost 5 lbs, and have more mental clarity and energy.  Thank you,” Sharie A, Nanaimo


“I just want to say to you, that your presentation and your book are the BEST I have ever heard and read.

You are so clear; you build confidence in people that they can listen to their bodies and know best what it needs.

You are simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!  You are funny too.  You model the behavior we all should strive for.

THANK YOU.  I only wish I had done more to get women there; every woman I know needs to attend your seminar.  Please come back soon.”  All the BEST, Shirley G, Delta, BC


“I attended your last full day workshop, and I just wanted you to know that I’m delighted with the results. I have extra energy and I’ve lost 10 pounds.    Also, one month later I am no longer plagued by chronic pain!”  Thanks!” Terry P. Vancouver


“Please pass this message to Brenda……

After all these years, it still impresses me at how much knowledge and understanding Brenda has on all women issues and how much help and advice she is able to provide.  Every time I go to a seminar I manage to pick up new insights and advice to apply to my personal life.   My only complaint ………..the evening was too short!!!!! Keep up the great work.”  Andrée L, Victoria, BC


 “I always felt like I was fumbling around in the dark forever searching for the light switch with my hot flash, my ever-growing ass…sets , and my sudden case of C.R.A.F.T. Disease (can’t remember a friggin thing).

 I tried all sorts of crazy things and talked to all kinds of people friends, family, co-worker and doctors but no one had any answers just the “you should go on a diet and exercise more” and “ it will get better in maybe 5 or 10 years” or “ think how much you will save on hydro” comments.

Then I went to your seminar which was amazing, entertaining and very informative I had a great chat with you and I bought your book, you are my flashlight in the darkness Brenda thanks again.” Sincerely, Lisa M, Surrey, BC


“It took a while but slowly I’m feeling better. The big surprise is how many of my estrogen dominance symptoms that have diminished, including depression and my runny nose of 5 years. I feel like a new person with much more enthusiasm and many fewer cravings. Thank you for your wisdom!” Stephanie P, Calgary, Alta


“I want to thank you for introducing me to your knowledge, experience and awareness of what I can do for my body.  I have not felt this good for many years.  I noticed a difference in energy within 36 hours.   Also my menopausal symptoms are gone.  While I was on HRT, I always felt my body temperature was 10 deg’s higher than normal, though I didn’t get hot flushes.  Once I was taken off HRT, then the hot flushes started.  Within one week, I no longer suffer from these, and once again my body core is back to normal. Thank you”  Marlene B, Nanaimo, BC


“Congratulations on your book launch. It was a great presentation at Sparkling Hill last night. My daughter and girlfriend joined me and we all came away with great info and hope of improving our health. Thanks for pouring such energy and commitment into women’s health issues.”  Gayle K


“Thank you so much for another wonderful night.  Your presentation was as always, fabulous! I have been coming to hear you speak for many years now and last night was the best I’ve heard. (or maybe, everything is just finally sinking in)  I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into your book.  Thank you.  My daughter truly enjoyed it as well. We talked non-stop the whole way home.” Debbie B & Amy, Kelowna BC


“Thank you for yet another wonderful, fun and informative evening.

You are right, I always learn something new and reminded of what I SHOULD be doing.

Thank you again for all you are doing to encourage women to take charge of their bodies and live long and healthy lives.” Karin H


“I started taking the supplements at the Wow event. Right after buying them I went back to my table and opened everything up and took them. Within 4 days I no longer had hot flashes. They weren’t severe or frequent but had returned after not having them for 3 years. They are gone.

I am no longer wearing my bite guard and my lower teeth that used to ache in the morning from grinding all night don’t ache.

My libido is on its way back from a hiatus to who knows where and the most unexpected thing happened. Within a week I noticed my nails were growing. I’ve been a nail biter all my life and I have nails! I am still picking and chewing at the skin at the base of the nails but that too is decreasing. My skin is also softer. Less “chicken skin” on the backs of my upper arms and thighs.

Thanks Brenda for your amazing gift of teaching nutrition and wellness.”  Monique


“I just wanted to say thank you! Brenda’s vitamins have changed my life! I no longer need daily naps and I could barely keep my eyes open through a whole day.”  Barbara O


“Congratulations on winning the WOW award.  That is fantastic – but I’m not surprised.  Everything they said about you is so true.  You really do go above and beyond to help people find health and wellness. 

So many of my friends came up to me at the end of the Kelowna seminar and thanked me for telling them about you.  They were very impressed and pleased with the information that you gave them.”  Debbie B


Hi there Brenda – just a quick note to let you know that my friends and I found your evening – educational, entertaining and energizing.     I personally want to applaud your performance.  Two hours straight and you still looked and sounded full of energy and enthusiasm to the very end. Well done.” Donya


“Wow! What a great seminar…I learned lots of new health information and was reminded of stuff I had forgotten. I was enthralled for two hours. Your dedication to your clients is awesome. All the time you spent researching was much appreciated by myself and my friend Iva. She really enjoyed it and learned a lot. There will be some changes in their household.” Tamara V


Cupe had Brenda speak at a Health & Wellness Day a few years back and after that I went to one of her seminars. It was a real eye opener. I still get her emails and occasionally order supplements from her company. She is a wealth of information for women and funny! I agree with Patti, if you have never seen her speak and are having any issues, boy will you learn a lot.
Carol S, Victoria BC