7 Steps to Safe and Effective Weight Loss e-Manual

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Weight Loss Plan – The Foundation
7 Simple Steps to Safe and Effective Weight Loss
Maximum Results with the Least Amount of Cost and Effort

This is not like other plans where you work hard to lose the weight and then within a few months of “stopping the program” you put it all back (and often more than you lost in the first place). This E-Manual is designed to give you the tools you need to not only lose weight but to ensure that you have long lasting results.

We don’t offer a quick fix or magic pill, we do however provide a series of sound simple steps you can take to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. When we say weight loss, we specifically mean FAT loss. We are not referring to water or lean muscle mass loss, which is what most people lose on “fad diets”.

True weight loss is a slow and steady process, so please don’t expect results overnight. What you will see is a gradual change, not only in how you look, but how you feel. It takes 4 weeks for YOU to notice a change, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Our motto: progress, not perfection.

In our E-Manual “7 Simple Steps to Safe and Effective Weight Loss” you will also discover:

  • One healthy food that you are eating every day that is slowing down your weight loss. If you want faster results, you must eliminate this food for 14 days.
  • One way to exercise that costs nothing but will reset your metabolic rate.
  • One fun and easy way to exercise in the comfort of your home. It takes 10 minutes a day and will return you to a more youthful calorie utilization and distribution of body fat.
  • How to keep your liver in fat burning mode.
  • How to utilize one free nutrient that keeps you from storing unwanted body fat.
  • What is sub-clinical hypothyroidism and how to correct it.
  • How to determine the state of your adrenal glands. Are they currently capable of creating thermogenesis?
  • One health issue that your doctor will never diagnose, but it could be counteracting all your best efforts to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you must learn how to diagnose and treat yourself.
  • If you really need to be wheat-free for life. Find out how to complete the wheat-free challenge.
  • How appetite suppressants cover up the underlying problem. There is no reason to be starving yourself either. Learn how to always feel full and satisfied and still lose weight.
  • How to eat grains without eating wheat.
  • Delicious recipes for meals and snacks.
  • Food planning made easy.
  • Detailed instructions on what supplements to take and when to take them.