Alfalfa 500 tabs (trace minerals)

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Alfalfa contains an abundance of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, and betacarotene but is particularly high in trace minerals because its roots extend deep into the soil where it reaches and absorbs minerals.

Alfalfa is also one of the highest Chlorophyll bearing plants known to mankind, which is why it is the basis for liquid Chlorophyll supplements. It also contains natural fluoride, not the artificially made sodium fluoride that is poisonous to the system. The fluoride in alfalfa is helpful for preventing tooth decay and hardening bones. Alfalfa tablets can also be used to help strengthen bowel function.

Ingredients: Non-GMO. Amount per serving (5 tablets) Calories 10 , Total Carbohydrates 1g , Dietary Fiber 1g, Sodium 10mg, Potassium 105mg, Alfalfa 2750mg. Other Ingredients: Dibasic calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide.

Suggested Use: 4-5 tablets with each meal or as directed by your health care provider

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