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NEW Lower Price, 30 Day Program

What happens when you are suffering from a bunch of seemingly unrelated symptoms and all the blood tests indicate that there is nothing wrong with you?

Is it all in your head?

Definitely not!  You could have an undetected problem known as a Candida overgrowth or Candidiasis.

What the Heck Is a Candida Overgrowth? READ OUR HEALTH SOLUTION HERE which will:

  • Explain what Candida is
  • What the symptoms are
  • Explain the 4 Step Process for determining whether you have Candida
  • Describe what the Candida Program entails

Our Candida Package Includes:

  • Total Health Pack (Daily Essential Nutrients) 30 packets SRP $40.00
  • Candida Stop (Candida Eradicator) 180 caps SRP $80.00
  • HIT (Healthy Intestinal Bacteria) probiotics 60 packets x 2 boxes SRP $33.00ea
  • Silver Biotics (Silver Solution) 8 oz liquid SRP $35.00
  • Concentrace Ionic Minerals (to ensure proper elimination) 2x 15ml SRP $6.00ea
  • Comprehensive Candida e-Manual “Eradicate Candidiasis in 4-6 Weeks”  (instant download immediately after purchase) SRP $10.00


For a comprehensive Silver Biotics Usage Guide, please visit the “Free Downloads” section under the “Book” tab to instantly download your complimentary copy.

SRP $243.00

Our Price $198.97

NOTE:  Your e-Manual is an instant download, please click the link provided immediately after making your purchase to download and save the document to your computer.  The link will expire after 24 hours.