Cleo by Damiva Labial Moisturizer 30 ml tin

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You’ve met Mae (the best Vaginal moisturizer on the planet, in the pink box), now meet Cleo, your 100% natural labial skin moisturizer in the green box. Cleo is optimized to a pH of 4.7. It’s the first and only product designed to moisturize in that oh-so-delicate area, and make you smile again.

Labial dryness can be caused by all sorts of life events. Cleo is an all natural moisturizing cream that is applied to your Labial skin (vaginal lips) to soothe and moisten the area outside the opening of your vagina. Note: Cleo is not meant to be used internally or as a lubricant. Cleo comes in a 30 ml tin that needs to be stored at room temperature. Cleo melts on contact with your skin. It is the world’s only 100% natural moisturizer formulated to help your labia retain its optimal pH of 4.5 to 5.5. There’s science involved in this but that just means our lips are healthiest when the labial environment is just a little more acidic than our skin pH of 7.

Damiva’s moisturizers contain pure, natural plant butters.  Mae by Damiva (vaginal ovules) is the first all natural vaginal moisturizer and Cleo is the only all natural feminine moisturizer. These vaginal dryness and female lubrication products are designed to address the issues that women face after childbirth, cancer, and, in particular, peri-menopause and menopause. All Damiva products are pH balanced specifically for the labial and vaginal areas.

6 All Natural Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, Kokum butter, Sea buckthorn extract, Vitamin E, Shea oil, and Cocoa butter

Directions: Using the applicator, apply Cleo onto clean fingertips, then smooth onto the labial skin (vaginal lips). Not for internal vaginal use, please use Mae ovules for that purpose, and O’My natural lubricant for lubrication.  Both products also available in our online store.

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