Eradicate Candidiasis in 4-6 Weeks e-Manual

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The Candida program will require commitment but we promise the results will be worth the effort. These two testimonials are typical of the emails we receive from our clients that have completed the Candida program.

“My 24 yr. old daughter is starting week 4 tomorrow on the Candida cleanse. She can’t remember the last time she felt this great. She is no longer having problems with insomnia…. no longer feeling depressed….. no longer having headaches….the pain that she has had for years in her hip is gone… and she can now sleep on her side again…. she has also started working out again…I don’t think that there are words that can justly express my gratitude to you. Thank you.” Marilyn

“My head is clear, memory is improved, motivation and energy level improved, vision is clear, night sweats are gone, hypoglycemia is gone, heart palpitations gone, insomnia gone, acid reflux gone, burping and flatulence rare, sense of taste returned, no mouth sores and I have lost 30 pounds. Thank You,” Kim

This E-Manual will give you the step by step information you need to diagnose, treat and recover from Candida.

  • Understanding Candidiasis
  • Making Your Diagnosis
  • How Do You Treat Candida- The Overview
  • Step 1 The Diet Details
  • Step 2 How to Eradicate the Excess Candida
  • Step 3 How to Replenish Your Natural Healthy Intestinal Bacteria
  • Step 4 How to Supply All Nutrients for Healing
  • Step 5 How to Boost Your Immune System
  • Step 6 How to Ensure Proper Elimination
  • What Your Candida Program Will Look Like
  • Concluding Your Candida Cleanse
  • Dealing With Resistant Candida
  • Unwanted House Guests (Parasites)
  • Don’t Let Candida Return
  • Candida Diet Recipes


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