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The Natural Way to Great Moods and Happiness

There is no need to be SAD or suffer with low moods at any time of the year. There are nutritional regimes that can completely restore your chemical balance and therefore your moods.

In 1990 I had the honor and pleasure of training with Priscila Slagle, MD who wrote the book “The Way Up From Down, Rid Yourself of Stress, Low Moods, Depression With This Easy-To-Follow Drug-Free Program of B Vitamins and Amino Acids”

That training changed my life and hundreds of others. I successfully used her program as a foundation for restoring mood balance. Over the years, as my studies and research continued, I was able to evolve her foundation into a more comprehensive program.

Originally, only my Inner Circle Members had access to my step-by-step nutritional program for balancing moods, but now that I have written an E-Manual “The Natural Way to Great Moods and Happiness”, it is available to anyone who is willing to approach their health using nutritional methods.


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