Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Grain Grinder 120 g

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Most of the western world thinks of salt as sodium chloride – a highly refined, processed white substance that’s devoid of nutrients (it contains only two minerals; sodium and chloride). This white table salt is missing of the complete range of minerals and other nutrients that protect and enhance your health.

Salt is one of the most important and oldest com-pounds used by mankind. Its diverse use stems out of its wide practical value. From the kitchen to the living room, Salt is used in different forms.

The special formation of natural Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is caused by exposure to enormous pressure inside the earth. The higher the pressure the more perfect the crystalline structure becomes with its natural energy which in turn helps energize and benefit your body.

Ingredients: Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

Suggested Use: This Pink Crystal Salt can be a benefit to your health, especially if you suffer with adrenal fatigue (and have salt cravings). It is also beneficial for maintaining proper hydration during the heat of summer or when our water intake increases (and for those who do heavy labour, work out, or sweat a lot). Add it to your foods for a wonderful flavor, or mix ¼ tsp with a glass of water. If your foods begin to taste “too salty”, you no longer need as much in your diet. Listen to your body.

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