Natures Tea 30 teabags (strong bowel aid)

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Nature’s Tea is the product of choice if you need to clean your digestive system and to encourage it to get moving. Nature’s Tea ingredients have been carefully selected for their proven ability to safely relieve constipation and build-up in the colon along with a recommended colon cleansing program.

Ingredients: Senna dried leaves, Buckthorn bark, Peppermint leaves, caa inhem leaves, uva ursi leaves, orange peel, rose hips fruit, althea root, chamomile flowers and honeysuckle leaves.

Suggested Use: 1 tea bag to one cup of water, steep for 5 to 20 minutes, drink in the late afternoon to evening. Please start with a milder steep, increasing steep time only if needed. Obviously the longer you steep it; the stronger the reaction.

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