O’My Natural Personal Lubricant 4 oz

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Product Information

O’My Natural Personal Lubricant provides extra lubrication to any situation. It is made especially for women and is formulated to mimic a woman’s natural lubricant. O’My Natural makes use of a gentle formula that’s safe for frequent use as it contains no potentially harmful parabens, sugar or artificial flavorings, all of which can irritate sensitive skin. It just has safe, slick ingredients that enhance your pleasure and comfort. It is non-staining and compatible with all materials including silicone and latex, plus, it’s fantastic for skin to skin contact.

Ingredients: Water Purified Vegetable Glycerin Hempseed Oil Guarana Extract Siberian Ginseng Extract Hydroxethylcellulose Sodium Benzoate Tetrasodium EDTA Grapefruit Seed Extract Damiana Extract

Suggested Use: Apply to the area of the body where you wish to provide additional lubrication. Reapplication may lead to more fun. Easily cleaned up with a damp washcloth. If discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

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