Silver Biotics ASAP Gel travel size 1.5 oz

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Product Information

ASAP365™ Silver Gel is formulated using our unique and patented 24 PPM SilverSol Technology® solution. Doctors Using ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care. Numerous studies have already been completed using the product to help alleviate skin and body discomfort and speed natural healing. Two reports have been issued by a large cancer clinic, stating that the product soothes the pain and irritation on burns the patients receive when being treated with radiation, and the heal times have been exceptionally fast. Two written reports have been received from dentists who use the product in a number of dental applications, including brushing their gums with it to promote healthy gums and teeth, and also for a number of other applications. Hundreds of MD’s and ND’s are currently using the product with their patients, and are reporting exciting results on things like diaper rash, yeast infections, rashes, cuts, itching, bug bites, and sunburns, etc. where the product soothes pain and itch and helps promote natural healing. This product makes a safe and effective hand sanitizer (great for kids).

Ingredients: Main ingredient: 24 ppm silver liquid solution (deionized water and silver) Other ingredients: Carbomer and TEA

Suggested Use: Apply generously to skin as needed to help promote natural healing. Also great to use as a preventative by swabbing the nostrils and rubbing on hands (safe for mucous membranes). It is edible and safe to use as a toothpaste. Safe for children and pets.

For a comprehensive Silver Biotics Usage Guide, please visit the “Free Downloads” section under the “Book” tab to instantly download your complimentary copy.

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