Zinc Ultra 30 mg 90 caps

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Zinc is essential for life. It heals wounds, fights infections and is among the most important of the trace elements in human nutrition. By boosting the immune system, zinc can protect against fungal infections and various infectious disorders, such as conjunctivitis and pneumonia. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc is essential to numerous chemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis and cellular energy. Zinc also helps provide critical protection to the liver, assists in deterring enlargement of the prostate gland, and is essential in maintaining reproductive organ health. Zinc is required for repair of tissues, stabilizes cell membranes for accelerated healing, and inhibits abnormal clotting, all of which are important for healing of the damaged heart after a heart attack. Zinc is important for over 300 enzymes in the body having wide-reaching effects such as heart health and cancer prevention.

Ingredients: Each vegetable capsule contains:

  • Zinc (zinc citrate) 30 mg
  • L-Taurine 200 mg
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCl) 4 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin and riboflavin 5-Phosphate) 12 mg
  • Inositol Hexanicotinate 6 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal HCl and pyridoxal 5-phosphate) 50 mg
  • Molybdenum (from Molybdenum citrate) 150 mcg
  • Butternut squash seed extract (4:1) 10 mg
  • Green Tea extract (Camellia sinensis), 50% polyphenols 55 mg

Suggested Use: Take one capsule per day with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 12 weeks.

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