“For six years my brother has suffered with severe pain and inflammation in his knees. Two years ago he had laparoscopic surgery on his knee. After physiotherapy and pain medication his condition did not improve. In fact it got so bad that a few months ago at the age of 53 he started using a cane to walk. After starting to work with Brenda and Megan myself and seeing my pain lessen I bought him some Serrapeptase, hyaluronic acid, MSM and calcium ascorbate to take. Each day I would asked him if he felt better he would say no. I finally quit asking. One day he phoned me and was so excited. He started explaining how the pain was gone, and he could finally pinch his skin around his knee. The fluid and inflammation was totally gone. He was so happy. Today he’s not using a cane and is up to walking a mile a day. Thanks Brenda and Megan for helping us to achieve pain free lives.”
Pat E

“Since moving to Salmon Arm 5 years ago, I have not seen a dentist for that length of time until yesterday. My new dentist was amazed on how well my teeth looked. He stated, I have poster perfect teeth. Personally, I feel a lot of this is due to Silver Biotics Gel as I use this plus Jason’s toothpaste. I will have my cleaning done in October but to me it seemed like he couldn’t find anything wrong with my teeth. This is shocking to me but I really feel this has to do with the Silver Biotics Gel. I wanted to say a Big Huge Thank You for introducing this product to me”.
Michelle B

“I wanted to say that I appreciate your information newsletters. They are extremely well researched and well presented. I used to subscribe to other health newsletters and I have cancelled all others but yours…you have all the information I need, I know your sincerity having met you, and you have all the filing of information done for me as well in the Inner Circle portion of your website. Certainly I appreciate being able to get Silver Biotics from you. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing.”
Karen U, Parksville BC

“You have been a really great help and inspiration, a lot better than any naturopath out there, you know so much more, and want to share your knowledge instead of giving it out little by little. I know I would not have gotten this far health wise with anyone else. So I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help, even though I’m a challenge. I feel so very fortunate, you may have even saved my life! (Emotional moment). You are very kind people.”
Doris B, Abbotsford, BC

“Wow all of you are definitely amazing. All the hard work all of you put in to help everyone out is remarkable. Wow thank you for doing all the leg work for all of us and making life easier on us when we are trying to make life changes for the better. Truly AMAZING!!! A BIG HUGE THANK YOU!!!”
Michelle B Salmon Arm BC

“I absolutely love the Total Health Pack, the convenience of it is great! The results are even better! The increase in my energy level and general well being has changed my life! I feel like I am able to cope with this age and stage of my life much better now!

As well, my whole family benefits from the products from your online store. The fact that your knowledge and research provides your clients with the most effective and economical products is a real bonus! I look forward to depending on Maximum Results for years to come for our natural healthcare needs.

And it all comes right to my door…how awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome! Thanks to Brenda and her team:)”
Janice M West Kelowna BC

I like the way you have presented the information in your book, it is in a simple and easy to read format (for our foggy, estrogen-dominant brains to handle :)). And, as always, find your info very accurate and so helpful! I was suffering terribly over the winter from peri-menopausal symptoms, so I got back on the supplement regime that you had recommended to me before. I had originally started peri-menopause at around 32, then, after taking your recommended supplement regime, it all went away for about 6 years. ( I stopped the regime after about 1 ½ yrs on it). Then, at about 39, the symptoms started to come back. Now at 42, with a very erratic cycle, anywhere from 17-23 days, getting back onto the same program has made a remarkable difference! I have more energy, less moodiness, more motivation, sleeping well… I feel so much more like myself. So, thank you!

Kathryn Eagleheart, Mother and Doula

Dear Brenda and team,

I think being an Inner Circle member is an incredible value – whether I’ve been in the country or not! I have accessed the FAQ several times in the past several months and been grateful for the info I find.

I am newly back in Canada (24 hours now!!) after being away in India and Cambodia for the past 17 months… I have maintained my vibrant good health with your product recommendations like HIT, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Silver Biotics along with Total Health Pack Vitamins.
In grateful good health,

Doreen Bakstad, Coombs, BC
Bodymind Therapist & Senior Authorized Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Instructor

“I always felt like I was fumbling around in the dark forever searching for the light switch with my hot flashes, my ever-growing ass…sets , and my sudden case of C.R.A.F.T. Disease (cant remember a friggin thing).

I tried all sorts of crazy things and talk to all kinds of people friends, family, co-worker and doctors but no one had any answers just the “you should go on a diet and exercise more” and “ it will get better in maybe 5 or 10 years” or “ think how much you will save on hydro” comments.

Then I went to your seminar which was amazing, entertaining and very informative I had a great chat with you and I bought your book, you are my flashlight in the darkness Brenda thanks again”.

Lisa M, Vancouver

“Hi Brenda. I am so grateful for your newsletter, website and products. You truly are a wealth of knowledge. I have truly benefited from all your info and products I use. Thank you again.”
Val D, Victoria BC

“Brenda you are and amazing lady, you have and continue to help me more than I can say. Thank you for the website.”
Roxy L, Red Deer AB

“I just wanted to let you know, that, in a moment of desperation, I bought some MSM at a health food store. I thought it should be okay b/c it wasn’t cheap. But…..I took it after a strenuous workout, just like I had with the brand that I purchased from you. I was hardly able to move the next day. I have NEVER had that happen with the product I get from you (and, I did take it, like I always do, with vit C.) So, I know, now from my own experience, that YOU definitely do the leg-work for all of us fortunate enough to be Inner Circle Members! Thank You!!”
Pam F Calgary AB

“Hi Brenda,
The results I have experienced so far specifically are; my hot flashes are gone, my post nasal drip has significantly reduced and pains in the tailbone and in the neck are gone. I am sleeping again as well and my bowel movements are regular. In such a short time…. since July when I started the Total Health Pack and the New Roots Magnesium/L-Taurine supplement. So good results for sure.”
Sincerely, Gurmeet S

“I am VERY impressed with the efficiency standards that you all have – and I am sure it is appreciated by your many customers.”
Margaret N

“To be honest, I am actually enjoying the Candida program this time as I think I am in the perfect mind set now. As well, the more you are aware and understand your body, the more you want to help yourself. Joining the Inner Circle Membership was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I am very fortunate to have all of you in my life:). A BIG THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!! “
Best Regards,
Michelle B, Salmon Arm BC

“I have to say – after 2 years of adrenal support that followed a candida cleansing kick start, I’ve lost 35lbs and have better control of my stress. I feel like I have the energy and peace of mind to take care of myself. What a novel idea! I could not have gotten here without you all. Thank you for all the great information and fantastic products you provide! Keep up the great work.”
Antra S, Calgary AB

“Thanks Brenda! I feel so much better than I did a few years ago, and I’m not so confused about all the vitamins and supplements out there….I just follow your great guidance!! PS My cholesterol has gone right down to just slightly above the normal range. My doctor was absolutely amazed. She said that she has never seen cholesterol go down that much without medication. She doesn’t want to see me for another year! Thanks for all your good advice!”
Laura R, Nanaimo BC

“Just wanted to give you a ‘pat on the back’ for your timely intervention in my life. I like to think you are writing these articles strictly for me (Ha, Ha). To be honest, you seem to write things just when I need to either know them, or be reinforced in what I’d already figured out myself. I just returned from hearing annual medical test results. A year ago my doctor was pushing for Cholesterol medication (I was in the mid to high range). When I refused (could hear Brenda’s voice in the back of my mind) he didn’t know what to do with me. I left feeling without support, but logged on to your web page immediately. I was already doing a great deal of work as per your guidelines, and made a few more changes in my diet and supplements. The results are stupendous. I am back to normal range. There is such a change he wants to do the test again in three months as he didn’t believe what I was doing could be so dramatic. Perhaps this will change his thought process when working with his patients. Once again – thank you for your continued guidance and support. It has made a dramatic difference in my health and life.”
Marlene B, Nanaimo BC

“Thoroughly enjoyed the teleseminar tonight and as you say even though I have heard you speak before and read your notes on Adrenal Fatigue you can still learn something new! I am looking forward to getting a copy of your book!! Thanks again I appreciate your and Megan’s continued support!”
Inner Circle Member: Lynn T, Abbotsford BC

“I just read your newsletter. I’d like to say Thank You again for all the work you do. I very much appreciate that you take good care about our health issue. You’re such a blessing to us. A very good eye opener for us all the topics you mentioned. In fact, I got involved in Isagenix two years ago and my cupboard still has a few bottles of the stuff. Then my daughter got involved in Visalus, whatever you call that thing. I did not take it because I’m allergic to soy. It’s true what you said, it is best to eat real food and a good supplement base program. I’ve experienced it myself. I want you to know You and your crew are one of the people I thank God to have in my life, that is one of my Thanksgiving this season. Blessings to you always.”
Emma S, Surrey BC

“Incidentally I really enjoyed reading your newsletter about magnesium – I’ve been taking it for years but wasn’t taking enough! I suffer from constipation and usually take fibre powder and 2 magnesium at bedtime. Now I’ve increased the magnesium to 4 per night and it’s working better! Thank you so much for all the information you give us – I always read it and it seems there is always something new to learn!”
Yours in Gratitude, Linda R, Langley BC

“Hi Brenda,
Please continue to renew my membership for another year. … I value the information and you!”
Tamara V, BC

“I met Brenda Eastwood at a seminar I attended more than ten years ago. I was taken by her knowledge of the subject material at hand (menopause!). I have been taking the Total Health Pack for as many years and have seen myself through peri, menopause and post! I am convinced I would not have been able to keep working without the supplementation and info I received from Brenda and her staff. I have always found them to be more than helpful with product research and more than willing to answer the many questions I have had over the years. I trust the integrity of Maximum Results and more specifically of Brenda. She always goes the extra mile for her clients by thoroughly researching things out and I know I can trust her knowledge. I love the fact that she has tried and tested all her products she sells and we therefore know that they work. Thanks Brenda for all your hard work on our behalf!”
Jan M, Victoria BC

“I am feeling really well, more energy, a little less weight, significant improvement in my IBS, I am a happy camper!!
You and your staff have been great and I appreciate all your patience, help and support. Thank you”
Ellen B, Victoria BC

“Being chronically ‘sick’ most of my life (not realizing it wasn’t ‘normal’) my chronic fatigue/adrenal exhaustion, hormone / PMS issues, & a whole host of ‘other’ chronic issues were amplified by mercury poisoning 10 yrs ago.

2 years ago, I started on Brenda’s recommended ‘Daily Essentials’ program and I saw improvements such as better sleep, calmer days, & a lessening of hot flashes.

HOWEVER, I was STILL plagued by extreme digestive & PMS issues and had tried every Candida program out there, so was skeptical about trying yet ‘another’ one…

OMG! Started Brenda’s Candida program at the beginning of this year and I’m starting to feel like I did when I was in my 20’s!!! More energy & vitality, I’m sleeping through the nite (no hot flashes anymore), digestion / PMS is getting better, AND the best side-benefit is I’ve lost over 30 POUNDS!!! (Those ‘lil suckers – Candida – are getting under control, whether they like it or not!!! LOL)

But, if ANYONE has suffered with Candidiasis, it’s me. So if anyone else out there is suffering with this, PLEASE don’t wait to do session with Brenda or Megan AND/OR to do the Candida program!!! There’s so much life to live when you don’t have to deal with this chronic, unfortunate epidemic!!!

My heart-felt appreciation to both Brenda, for her wisdom & experience and Megan for her wonderful support through this process…”
Lumen, Nelson, BC

“I had a recurring UTI that had been treated with antibiotics and, though I took some of your probiotics when I was on antibiotics, making sure I allowed hours between taking the antibiotic and probiotic. A few weeks later the UTI would recur. Then the process started all over again. It then occurred to me to check out Maximum Results FAQs and there I found an amazing protocol that worked very effectively. Under the heading “bladder” infection is a complete UTI protocol, which I followed to the letter. Days later, the problem was resolved, but this time I will absolutely follow the duration of the regime as prescribed in the FAQ to ensure the healthy bacteria has completely replenished.”
Gayle M, Victoria, BC

“Brenda, I first became aware of you and the Total Health Packs when I met Christine at her WOW event last year in the Okanagan. I was immediately drawn to the Total Health Packs, so much so that I also recommended Christine to a Wild and Wise Women’s retreat in Princeton BC last February!

I am so proud to support any products that influence well being and vitality. These are the 2 main ingredients to my life’s work. Combine the fact that I am passionate about promoting and contributing to the success of Canadian women in business, allows me to genuinely recommend these amazing vities! I would be happily honoured to authentically endorse and recommend Total Health Packs:)”

Leah W, BC

“I swear you need to write your own book! Seriously! Your tips and information just blows me away at stuff that I never even knew! I am so glad I have met you and it is fantastic being an Inner Circle Member!”
Alison W, Victoria BC

“Hi Brenda, When I think of all the wonderful help I’ve received from you through the years … there is and was so much. Also I appreciate the ongoing support. I know it’s been a bit overload for you lately with my pre-surgery, and I do appreciate all your help so much. YOU AND MEGAN WERE DEFINITELY THERE FOR ME IN A BIG WAY!! , I would like to continue my IC membership. Through the years I have been more than satisfied, and feel I am MUCH healthier today because of your guidance. Thank you so much. I do so appreciate your ongoing caring.
Mary Jane P, Cochrane AB

“A quick THANK YOU!! I rearranged my “health cupboard” today, and feel back on track with my wellness plan. And didn’t I just have
energy to burn! Mind you, my daily 2000 metres of swimming also help – but couldn’t do it without my Total Health Pack…..and my 65th Birthday is shortly. Only the sun-wrinkles tell the truth. This body is brimming with energy.”
Many Thanks, Wendy L, BC

“Just want to report, that my husband has had a painful knee with limited movement for a few months now. He got some pain killers and an expensive cream from the doctor which didn’t help. I read some info on this in your FAQ & put him on the supplements you recommended & within 10 days, his knee is barely bothering him & he has full motion back in the knee. Even he is convinced about supplements over the bandaid medications!! Thank you all.”
Dawn D, Lethbridge AB

“Dear Brenda, I have found your advice reliable, practical, and highly effective and your products valuable and economical. Since I have come to trust your work you have saved me countless hours of trying to find and filter information on my own. Thanks for all your good work.”
Janine G, Victoria BC

“Thank you for all that you do to spread the word on the importance of honouring and respecting our bodies via a healthy diet and lifestyle – your voice is tremendously important to counter all the ads for junk food and the advice most medical doctors are giving their patients, encouraging pharmaceutical prescriptions for indigestion, acid reflux, GERD, inflammatory problems, and on it goes as they have so little knowledge of what healthy eating, abundant water, nutriceuticals, exercise, stress release and other positive lifestyle habits can do. So you are a treasure who needs to be supported in what you are doing – KUDOS TO YOU, BRENDA! I enjoy reading the messages from you that I receive and I am pleased to remain an IC member”
Marilyn Lister, Victoria BC

“Hello Brenda. I saw you several years ago at a presentation and have been receiving your newsletter ever since then. I had been unable to dig my way out of depression for several months and I thought I would give your particular combination of vitamins a try. Within a week there was a noticeable lift in energy and mood. Thank you so very much being such a powerful force for woman’s health.”
Diane D, BC

“Hi Brenda,
My last pelvic U/S on 2 Jul showed the fibroid reduced by 2/3 the size it was in Jan! My Ob/Gyn wants me to continue my current routine until Feb 11, stop it and go back to see her next April- Great news, no surgery! thank you for your guidance!”
Shelley G, Ontario

“Hi Brenda. Let me say that a couple of weeks into the regime and I feel fantabulous!!! My energy level – up. My stomach issues – gone. My libido – returned. My mental health – happy and chipper.”
Faye S, Vancouver BC

“I love your FAQ’s as that is where I first started reading and then a quick email from yourself to tell me amounts. I really appreciate it.”
Debbie B, Kelowna BC

“Hi Megan and Brenda,

I have never felt as compelled as I do now to write and let you know how much I appreciate your expertise and knowledge.   To date I have lost over 65 pounds, which is great, but the biggest change is in my mood, sleep, pain level and overall enjoyment of life. I actually feel joy now on a daily basis, which is something that I didn’t think was possible. Your support has been the catalyst for these results.

I have a fairly typical story in that I have always battled obesity and depression and have sought out many different diets, supplements, counselling, etc. and had my fair share of appointments with medical doctors and naturopaths. I am thankful for these health professionals and know that we all have our areas of expertise. The difference with your approach is that you provide a road map to success. The information in your book and newsletters is invaluable because you are addressing the root cause of the issues and not just treating the symptoms. It is presented in a way that gives me all the information I need to make an informed choice. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions, including the recipes.

One of the keys to my success has been the telephone consultations with Megan. In the past when I saw a health care professional I would leave their office and forget half of what they advised me to do and then I would have to make another appointment to get the information I need. The cost of the consultations has been well worth it because after a call I would receive an email that had everything that we discussed clearly written out for easy reference. I also like the fact that if I’m struggling with anything I can easily book a phone consultation and I don’t even have to leave my home.

In September 2016, just a few short months ago I weighed 270 pounds, I was depressed, having hot flashes, couldn’t sleep, cried constantly and was at the point where I didn’t want to live my life. I had been at one of Brenda seminars in Vernon, BC about a year or so before this and had bought the “Hormone Roller Coaster” book and the total health pack. It wasn’t until my health was really deteriorating that I got serious and decided that I needed to start restoring my health. It was very overwhelming at first to know where to start, but I quickly realized that I was in good hands. I started with a Candida Cleanse and when that was complete I did the Accelerated Kick Start. If I can do this anyone can! I feel like a different person now and I am so thankful.

One other important thing I wanted to mention regarding the depression is that I had tried to take anti-depressants in the past, but I didn’t like the way they may me feel and I was concerned about side effects.   I had been looking for years to find a more natural alternative that would work. I am so pleased that you told me about the 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine. I feel that I will never have to visit that black hole of depression again. I can’t thank you enough. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but you are life savers.

I believe that you are truly gifted in this area and I am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and wisdom.”

Kind regards,

Terry F, Armstrong BC

“I am 55 years old. 5 feet tall and currently weigh 180 pounds. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. When I was a teenager I basically starved myself to try to stay thin and subsequently went through all of the yoyo dieting known to man for the next 30 years. I have always belonged to a gym. I worked out faithfully and limited my calories with a constant battle of maintaining a healthy weight.

As soon as I deviated from this program the weight would come back on. It has been in the past 10 years or so that no matter how much clean eating or exercise I do the scale does not budge. By definition my clean eating was no more than 1200 calories per day, limited dairy and whole grains. I am currently taking metformin for pre-diabetes and Coversil for high blood pressure. My goal is to get myself in a healthy position to stop taking these medications. I am feeling tired all the time, experience daily bouts of depression and a lack of motivation.

I started the 30 day Kick Start program on Saturday and I have already lost 6 pounds and have noticed some increased energy. I have followed the eating plan included in the e-manual and am surprised and delighted at how satiating the meals are. I haven’t had the usual night time food cravings or afternoon crashes I was experiencing.

I am very excited and motivated to continue with this program and adjust my lifelong eating habits to reach and maintain optimal health.”

Regards, Kim

“Thirty days ago I started the Kickstart program and Joint Support Program guided by Megan. I had been on a pharmaceutical medication for over 10 years for arthritis in my neck, back and hips. Within days of starting the program, in which I came off sugar and grains, I became pain free and was able to come off the arthritis medication. I no longer crave salty foods. I’ve lost about 10 pounds and have dropped 2 dress sizes. I feel great. I am almost 69 and have the energy of a healthy 45 year old. There are still a couple of issues that are not resolved but I’m well on my way to maximizing my health, my strength and my quality of life.”

~ Michelle, Oakville, Ontario