10 Natural Acne Treatments

As with any disease, health condition or ailment, you must first know the underlying cause if you want to eliminate the problem.

For example, headaches can be caused by stress, hormones, food allergies, toxicity and more. If someone asks me what to do for headaches, I can make some general suggestions, but the most effective treatment will be the one that deals with the root cause.

If the person is stressed, then magnesium will work but if the person is toxic, a colon cleanse is needed. Two totally different treatments for the same problem.

Acne is the same. What is causing it?


1. Nutritional Deficiencies.

All nutrients such as B complex, vitamin C, omega 3, etc are critical for healthy skin.

You can easily meet your nutritional skin care requirements by taking at least one Total Health Pack per day (then add the extra vitamin A and Zinc if needed).

Here are the details of the benefits of the Total Health Pack for healthy skin. https://hormonerollercoaster.com/top-10-nutrients-for-radiant-glowing-wrinkle-free-skin/?v=7516fd43adaa

2. Vitamin A and possibly Zinc Deficiency

absorb store vitamin A

You can check this article to see if you need vitamin A and zinc. You may only need vitamin A. It is the most common deficiency related to acne.

If you need vitamin A, I would suggest 100,000 IU for 30 days. If your skin has not started clearing up after this time, then likely the vitamin A won’t be of any value.

If, however it is helping, you can stay on 100,000 IU until your skin is clear and then cut back to 50,000 IU for 3 months and then stop taking it. You can return to a vitamin A supplement anytime your skin starts to show signs of another breakout. (This is a higher dosage than recommended in this article. A higher dosage is generally required to heal acne).

If you have signs of a zinc deficiency, take one per day for one bottle.

3. Imbalance of Gut Flora

Kill off bad bacteria. Instead of taking an antibiotic which will kill off both your bad bacteria AND your good bacteria, leaving you susceptible to an overgrowth of Candida and other infections, you can kill bad bacteria and leave the good bacteria unharmed by taking 1 to 2 tsps of Silver Biotics twice a day and simultaneously take our probiotic product called HIT (one packet first thing in the AM and last thing at night). Then continue with another two boxes of HIT, one packet per day. This will ensure an established healthy gut bacterium.

4. Junk Food Diet

Too much refined sugar and carbohydrates in your diet and cut out all white flour products. You must eliminate ALL refined sugar for a minimum of two weeks. This means no cookies, cakes, candies, chocolate, pop, etc. If the two-week trial has not shown any benefit, you can return to a modicum of sugar which is maintaining 4-5 sugar free (refined sugar) days per week. Even consider keeping fruit to a minimum (one piece per day) and focus more on your vegetables.

If the sugar free diet is showing benefits, then remain sugar free until the acne is completely clear before allowing a modicum of sugar back in your diet.

5. Dehydration

Drink enough filtered water to flush toxins from your body. 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day.

6. Candida Overgrowth

All the details of whether or not you have an overgrowth of Candida, how you can tell and what treatment to follow are in this article… https://hormonerollercoaster.com/is-it-all-in-your-head-or-is-it-candida/?v=7516fd43adaa

7. Food Allergy

The most common cause of adult acne is an allergy to dairy products. It could potentially be an allergy to anything in the environment or another food such as wheat and/or gluten but most commonly, dairy.

If you have little white bumps on the backs for your arms, you either have a vitamin A deficiency and/or dairy sensitivity/allergy.

If you suspect dairy, you have to remove ALL dairy products (other than butter) from your diet for at least 21 days.

Noreen says: “I have been suffering from acne since I was twenty something. About 10 years. Huge flare ups on my face mostly my cheeks. I stopped dairy products. I read the stories in the Creating Total Health Lessons. It was worth a try.

I have been without dairy for about a month. No more huge flare ups.
My face hasn’t been this clear since I was 18.”

8. Toxic Skin Care Products

Chemical-laden, pore-clogging cosmetics, lotions or sunscreens can create skin issues such as acne.

A). Use 100% certified organic skin care products: although topical applications will not clear acne 100%, it will make a major difference. The skin care product line that I recommend is from Miessence or Nasobih. Both are great choices. Explore your options in our online store under “non-toxic skin care”.

B). In addition to the Miessence or Nasobih skin care I HIGHLY recommend you use the Silver Biotics (ASAP) Gel topically after washing and before applying conditioner/toner or moisturiser. Extra Silver Gel can be applied to individual pimples before bed for faster healing.

Some clients find that the best combo for them is a simple one and have used one of our skin cleansers with just the Silver Biotics Gel applied lightly and regularly.

9.Hormone imbalances

If the acne flairs up in the two weeks before your period, there is a hormonal component to the problem. The preperiod flare up indicates estrogen dominance.

For the best information on how to balance your hormones follow the step-by-step guidelines in my book “Get off The PMS and Perimenopausal Roller Coaster, Learn 9 Natural Fast Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones.”

To get started now use this hormone balancing package whereby you use B6 from ovulation to your period.

B6 helps your liver clear out excess estrogen. You need 200 mg with your Total Health Pack.

If you are on Birth Control Pills, it is possible that they are causing your acne.


In my over 35 years of experience in the health industry, I have discovered that people do not know the true meaning of proper bowel function. Generally, people also do not know that their lack of proper bowel function dictates everything about how they will look and feel, from energy levels to the radiance and clarity of their skin to the efficiency of their metabolism.

It can be uncomfortable to read about and discuss this topic, so if you would like to ease into it with some humorous but powerful information I highly recommend that you go to my “resource” page at www.BrendaEastwood.com or www.HormoneRollerCoaster.com (here is the direct link)

and watch the short video clip “The Elite Club” or The Scoop on Poop, A Glamorous Approach to a Not So Glamorous Topic”.


• Every person should have at least 2-3 bowel movements per day (one per meal). One movement does not necessarily have to follow each meal, you just need to eliminate 2-3 times per day.

• There should be no stress or straining during a bowel movement.

• The total stool length per movement should measure from the crease of your wrist to the bend of your elbow.

• The diameter should be the size of the circle you make by placing your pointer finger at the bend in your thumb.

• The stool should be light to medium brown in color, free of undigested food, non-odorous, and mostly floating.

If you have not had proper bowel functions, then it is highly recommended that you embark on a colon cleanse. The details can be found in my Colon Cleansing e-manual “The Scoop on Poop, How to Create Vibrant Health From the Inside Out” from the Online Store.


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