In this article discover:

  • Why traditional methods don’t work!
  • Some of the real obstacles to weight loss

We are not advocating the notion that women need to be model thin, but there are times when a woman (or man) may be carrying more weight than is healthy or comfortable.

If this is one of those times, then we recommend a safe and effective approach that will not ruin your metabolism with a starvation diet, cause you to be hungry all the time, or have you gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose.

You want a program that will help you safely and steadily release stored fat to lose weight for the long term.

healthy weight loss

Our ENHANCED SUPER-CHARGED ACCELERATED 30 DAY KICK START PROGRAM will do all of that and more.  With our program, you can expect these 10 SUREFIRE BENEFITS:

  1. Strengthen Your Immune System
  2. Burn Belly Fat
  3. Eliminate Sugar Cravings
  4. Lose Weight
  5. Increase Energy
  6. Detoxify Your Cells
  7. Boost Your Metabolism
  8. More Focused Thinking
  9. Clearer Complexion
  10. Improved Sense of Wellbeing


There are three common mistakes made when attempting to lose weight.

  1. You dramatically starve your body of calories.  Not recommended, as you only succeed in slowing down your metabolism.  Then when you try to return to any type of normal eating, you gain back all that you lost and then some.  This is known as the “yo-yo dieting effect”.
  1. You exercise like a madman.  Not recommended for the average person, because it places a lot of stress on your body.  And it’s just not a very realistic plan (ever been to the gym in February after everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions fade out?).
  1. You rely on one “latest discovery” wonder shake or empty promise pill that will miraculously “transform” you overnight. Not recommended.  They aren’t doing any long-term body balancing to help you achieve your goals and maintain them.


If any of the above truly worked, then there would be no need for our ENHANCED SUPER-CHARGED ACCELERATED 30 DAY KICK START PROGRAM

It is archaic thinking to believe that if you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight.  It does work for some people but not the majority!


There are real obstacles that can make losing weight difficult.

In our combined 45 years of experience coaching women in weight loss, health and hormone balance, Megan and I have discovered dozens of valid reasons that have stopped women in their tracks from shedding unwanted pounds, despite their best effort.

list of items not allowing you to lose weight


This is by far not a complete list, but it will give you an idea of the real obstacles you can face if you don’t have the right guidance.

  1. Medications

So many women on anti-depressants are complaining about their inability to lose weight.  Usually the anti-depressant not only prevents them from losing weight, it is the reason they put on weight in the first place!  I’m not saying you should ditch your meds cold turkey (please seek out our professional help), but here’s some food for thought.

Check it out for yourself.  In my pocket guide to prescriptions I found the following …

Effexor (venlafaxine): (buried in the two pages of side effects) weight gain, decreased sex drive, anxiety, inability to sleep, depression (gee, I thought it was an anti-depressant), loss of touch with reality, menstrual problems, migraine headache and sleepiness, to name just a few.

Prozac Fluoxetine: (also had almost two pages of possible side effects) agitation, anxiety, changeable emotions, fatigue, inability to fall or stay asleep, increased appetite, sweating (which gets blamed on menopause) and weight gain, etc.

If you are on an anti-depressant and would like to explore your nutritional options for overcoming low moods/anxiety naturally, you can purchase our “Great Moods” e-manual HERE.

  1. Sub-Clinical Liver Dysfunction

Even when weight gain was not listed as a side effect, I have found that all anti-depressants have the potential to inhibit weight loss because ALL medications are hard on your liver, and your liver is intimately involved in determining your metabolic rate.

Most people assume that if they don’t drink alcohol or just drink moderately, that their liver is doing fine!  But just the opposite is true.  Many people who don’t drink any alcohol at all, still have a congested liver.

The liver’s detoxification processes can get swamped by pulling out all the toxic compounds from our food, personal care & cleaning products, environment and drugs of all kinds (OTC and Rx).

Couple this toxic overload with a lack of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from our nutrient poor foods and you get subclinical liver dysfunction. Your liver still works; it just doesn’t function optimally. The result is congestion, and your weight burning capacity is impaired.

Read more in the article I wrote for HANS magazine HERE.

  1. Missing Nutrients

If you are still of the belief that you can receive all the nutrients you need from your food, then I’ll be frank … I can’t help you.  In this day and age, our food simply does not contain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals (especially minerals) that we require for optimal health. 

The best vitamins for weight loss are generally the ones that you are missing.

You need to take high quality supplements because if your body is lacking any specific nutrient it cannot distinguish between a deficiency and starvation.  To your body, if you are lacking nutrients, you are starving.  When your body goes into starvation mode it goes into conservation mode, which means it will store food as fat instead of burning it for energy.

To successfully and permanently lose weight, the cells of the body must be given enough nutrition so that they are totally satisfied and willingly release their stored fat.

Make sure you supply your body with adequate amounts of vitamins A, the B complex family, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, macro and micro minerals, and essential fatty acids.

Read more about Daily Essential Nutrients HERE.

Over and above these nutrients I highly recommend a potent antioxidant.  Why?

  1. Free Radical Damage

Free radicals damage your cells which causes aging and degenerative diseases. They also damage your mitochondria, which are your fat-burning and energy producing cells.

Antioxidants not only protect your cells from damage, they can also restore their fat-burning abilities. My two favorites are green tea extract and lipoic acid.

  1. Food Cravings

Nutritional deficiencies can show up as general hunger or cravings because your body is seeking nutrients.  But when you feed your hunger/cravings with sugar or refined food like pasta, potato chips, crackers, cereal, ice cream, cookies, muffins, etc you don’t give your body the vitamins and minerals that are missing and this only adds to your weight issues.

The wrong foods will actually deplete your supply even further and cause a vicious cycle of cravings, eating the wrong food, followed by more cravings!

As long as you are nutrient deficient you will continue to experience cravings and unwarranted hunger.

Your body isn’t really looking for more food, it is looking for nutrients.  Since it can’t send you an email or text requesting the nutrients it needs, it just sends you cravings and hunger signals.

AND HEALTHY, LASTING WEIGHT LOSShealthy lasting weight loss

In collaboration with my colleague Megan Bocsik RNCP, we have designed the ENHANCED SUPER-CHARGED ACCELERATED 30 DAY KICK START PROGRAM

This program goes well beyond any basic “weight loss” program.  In fact, it is so comprehensive that you can continue to use the principals for the rest of your life. It is not just for weight loss; it is for those who want to feel FABULOUS.

This package contains optimal dosages of all nutrients designed to create results. It will address the obstacles in weight loss given above as well as many more that we have discovered.


We have received many remarkable testimonials; we are excited to receive yours!

“Had awesome results on this program!  Both my husband and I experienced weight loss and a sense of well-being. We slept better and had better energy levels. Thanks!” D. Miller, Alberta

“I’ve finished the 30 day kick start program and I was quite happy with the results…. 

I dropped the 10 extra pounds that I’ve been trying to shed for quite some time.  Also, I had gone for blood tests just before I started and my glucose was high at 6.1 (“normal” is 3.3 – 5.5).  When I repeated the blood test after about 3 weeks on the kick start program, it had gone down to 4.9.

Now that I’ve finished the program, I’m still trying to follow it as much as possible so I don’t gain the weight back. I also feel better and more energetic.

I would do this program again if I ever feel like I’m reverting back, to get me back on track.

There’s lots of good information in the package and there’s so much you can eat, within reason.  I never felt like I was going hungry.

Thanks again!” Laura R, Nanaimo, BC

“Just finished my first month of the Kick Start Program … and I must say I’m impressed!  You ladies have put together a very awesome supplement regime that gets results and gives one a “Kick Start” for sure !!

So I feel great …. have lost 10 pounds in the month… I know the weight loss will start slowing down now … but I will continue to eat this way … as I like it. Thanks so much for your help .. both of you.” Donna R, Surrey, BC

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Whether you take advantage of the benefits of the ENHANCED SUPER-CHARGED ACCELERATED 30 DAY KICK START PROGRAM or not…….


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  1. Drink ½ ounce of purified water per pound of body weight daily.
  2. Eat 2 cups of vegetables daily, not including lettuce, potato, peas, corn and mushrooms. You can eat them; they just don’t count.
  3. Reduce caffeine intake to no more than 16 ounces of organic coffee per day.  Zero to 8 ounces is preferable.
  4. Have four to five sugar free days per week.
  5. Find exercise you enjoy, that energizes you and get movement at least 4 times per week.

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