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Who Is Brenda Eastwood, RNCP?

Brenda Eastwood RNCPBrenda is a woman on a mission. Over the last 38 years she has changed the lives of thousands of women through 17 years in private practice, hundreds of seminars and workshops, regular radio and television interviews, a CD series, newsletters, tele-classes, and her on-line coaching program called the Inner Circle.

Today she is able to reach out to even more women through her regular guest speaking appearances, detailed step-by-step e-manuals, Facebook posts, new FREE online Health Solutions, and her book “Get off the PMS and Perimenopausal Roller Coaster, Learn 9 Natural Fast Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones”.

Having overcome her own health challenges from depression to premature menopause at the early age of 32, Brenda has a deep sensitivity to women’s health concerns and understands the challenges that women face today.

Her specialties include PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause, drug-free approach to depression, adrenal fatigue, Candida, and more. Brenda has successfully coached women in all areas of health from osteoporosis to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and eliminating body pain.

Get Off the PMS & Perimenopausal Roller Coaster by Brenda EastwoodBrenda is dedicated, committed and passionate about helping women feel fabulous.  However, she is not your typical nutritionist. Brenda is a realist who believes in minimal input for maximum results. She takes all the guesswork out of “how to achieve optimal health” by teaching step-by-step strategies that are affordable, easy to incorporate and have a proven track record of producing outstanding and long-lasting results.

Not only does Brenda make sense, her techniques actually work!!

Audiences love Brenda as she is the real deal; approachable, vulnerable and authentic, sharing openly about her own successes and failures. As a knowledgeable high-energy speaker, she inspires and motivates her audiences with dynamic presentations that are peppered with insight and humor.

She is definitely walking her talk because at over 60 she is healthy, energetic, drug-free and feels fabulous.

In July 2018 Brenda closed her Inner Circle coaching program so that she had more time to focus on guest speaking, researching and all her many writing projects, as well, it was time for Brenda to enjoy more of the sights and sounds of travelling the world with her husband and business partner, Adrian. They have experienced everything from the beauty of Thailand to the romance of Europe and the mystery of India.

Brenda likes the “free vitamin D” and so when the weather at home (Victoria, BC) gets cold and wet, Brenda prefers to winter in Arizona where she can hike every day. Most of all, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and will tell anyone who asks that her wilderness camping trips and exuberant hikes are the highlight of her “down time”.

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