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please join my FB Group: Brenda Eastwood’s Total Health Group

In alignment with my quest to help as many women as possible reach their health goals, I have formed through Facebook, a new private “Brenda Eastwood’s Total Health Group”.

The goal of the group is to support my clients in a very safe and authentic way.  Besides regular posts, where I will share my 38 years of clinical experience and knowledge, I will be responding to topic suggestions and ideas of what the group members want to know.

It is not just about hormones; it is about anything and everything that comes between YOU and feeling fabulous.  In the first 7 days of forming this group, we had already covered the following topics

  • How to deal with stress and recover from burnout.
  • How to lower high blood pressure.
  • How to increase HDL (the good cholesterol).
  • What to take with you to stay healthy on a trip to Mexico.
  • What is the best diet for you?
  • How to heal a rotator cuff .
  • And so much more.

This private group (meaning you must be invited to join, and only members can see any posts or content) will also be a safe platform for you to ask questions, share your results, struggles, ideas, recipes, tips, etc. with other members. You will be able to check in as little or as often as you like, and if you do have a question for me, I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

There is no cost to access this level of support, but continued membership will be based on a minimum of three purchases per year from my online store.

There are two ways to join.

  1. With your next order from my online store you will receive an invitation to join.

  1. If you have already placed 3 orders this year, use this link to make your request to become a member….

I look forward to taking this journey to Total Health with you,

Brenda Eastwood

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