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Daily Essential Nutrients: Total Health Pack

Introducing the Total Health Pack for Men, Women (including pregnancy), Athletes, Teens and Elderly.

Total Health Pack UnisexThe Unisex Daily Essential Nutrients branded by Brenda Eastwood as the Total Health Pack have so many advantages over a multivitamin. They are chock full of nutrients and produce such outstanding results, that we have dedicated an entire website just to them.

Each Total Health Pack contains 60 individually sealed packs of daily supplements providing nutrients that are correctly combined, highly absorbable and at therapeutic levels to deliver … RESULTS! Note our new beautiful packaging on the outside!  Same great product inside!

Ingredients: The supplements in our packs do not contain any gluten,  click here for a full list of ingredients.

Suggested Use:

  • A Total Health Pack (60 packets Daily Essential Nutrients) taken once a day provides a well-balanced supply of all essential nutrients.
  • A Total Health Pack (60 packets Daily Essential Nutrients) taken twice a day provides therapeutic dosages for optimal results.
  • Always take your Total Health Pack (60 packets Daily Essential Nutrients) with or after a meal (containing protein & healthy fats) to ensure proper assimilation of the nutrients.

Convenient Beyond Belief

The Total Health Pack is mega-convenient – easy to take at home, the office, a restaurant, traveling …just grab one or a handful. They fit in your pocket, purse, suitcase or briefcase.

It is scientifically proven that vitamins that sit in on the shelf, don’t work! But with the Total Health Pack, you’ll take them more often because it’s easy and all pre-packaged for you. The more often you take them, the better you will feel.

Please take a moment to visit and read about all of the incredible benefits these convenient little packs can give you.

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Please note: If you are on blood thinners, please speak with your doctor before taking the Total Health Pack (Daily Essential Nutrients) because Vitamin E and Omega 3 act as natural blood thinners which means your doctor may need to reduce your medication.

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