You have likely heard the term “Adrenal Fatigue” but what is it? Do you have it? If so, how do you treat it?

what is adrenal fatigue

In my over 35 years of coaching women to phenomenal health, I have rarely met a woman who has not had at least a little bit of adrenal fatigue that causes the following host of symptoms.
Take a quick inventory. Are you struggling with any of these issues?

Difficulty losing weight

  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Hot flashes/night sweats**
  • Inability to cope well with stress**
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • PMS
  • Cravings for salt** or sugar
  • A feeling of shakiness or irritability when hungry**
  • Asthma**
  • Eczema
  • Rheumatoid arthritis**, joint pain
  • Frequent colds and flu
  • Hay fever and other allergies**
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • You feel worse after exercising**
  • Water retention
  • Need caffeine to get you going in the AM**


adrenal glands

Everyone has two little adrenal glands that sit on top of their kidneys. It is their job to enable your body to deal with ALL STRESS.  Not just emotional stress but physical, chemical and nutritional stresses as well.

ANY STRESS, real or perceived, causes a release of adrenal hormones and which is why I refer to your adrenal glands as your ‘stress glands’.

adrenal stressors

Each stress response should be followed by a rest period and lots of nourishment so the adrenals can recover. It is not happening.

Women (and men too) are not only busier, but more stressed than ever and are generally not nourishing themselves properly.

Lack of downtime coupled with a lack of nutrients means the adrenal glands do not get a chance to recoup and rejuvenate as they are designed to do. This eventually leads to adrenal fatigue which is the root cause of a HUGE number of health problems (as listed above).

Of course, the adrenal glands can still function, just not at their optimal level. Proper health and hormone balance depends on the adrenal glands functioning optimally.


how tired are your adrenal glands

Mild, Moderate, Severe or Fried?

You can get a general idea based on how many symptoms you have from the list above.  The more symptoms you have the more tired your adrenal glands are but if you have even one of the symptoms marked with the asterisks (**) then you have adrenal fatigue and need to rejuvenate your adrenal glands with both rest and proper nourishment.


Barring other health issues, when your adrenal glands are functioning optimally, you should be able to:

adrenal rejuvenation

  • Go to sleep with ease and wake up refreshed
  • Have steady energy levels throughout the day
  • Adapt to the normal stressors of life
  • Experience joyful and happy moods
  • Maintain excellent focus, concentration and recall
  • Choose salty or sugary food, rather than be a slave to them
  • Fight infections and ward off colds and flu
  • Rely on a healthy libido
  • Get up and go without the need for caffeine
  • Be pain free
  • Maintain normal blood pressure and water balance.


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Our suggested initial Adrenal Program is as follows:

After Breakfast

  • 1 Total Health Pack
  • 1,000 mg of B5 (Synergistic Pantothenic Acid)

Before Bed

  • 1 to 5 caps Magnesium Citrate with L-Taurine

The package also includes our comprehensive Adrenal e-Manual “Recharge Your Batteries” as an instant download, to guide you through the steps of recovery and rejuvenation.


Once you have read the e-manual, you will see there are many nutrients you can employ to further enhance your results.  These quality products can be found on our online store HERE at the lowest prices nationwide.


There’s more information on these in the Adrenal e-Manual

  • GABA
  • Passionflower
  • Holy Basil
  • Rhoziva
  • Magnesium Citrate with L-Taurine
  • Licorice Root
  • Suma
  • Wild Yam
  • TADS (Adrenal Concentrate)
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Ultra B complex
  • Calcium Ascorbate (buffered Vitamin C with bioflavonoids)


  1. Book by Brenda Eastwood, RNCP “Get off the PMS and Perimenopausal Roller Coaster, Learn 9 Natural Fast Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones” gives you a complete overview of your hormones in one handy little book. Easy to read and convenient to refer to repeatedly through all stages of life. Purchase HERE
  2. Adrenal E-Manual “Recharge Your Batteries”. A must have for anyone facing an Adrenal Fatigue recovery program. Purchase the instant download HERE (it comes with our Adrenal Package as well found HERE).
  3. Book “Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D. He says….. “The hormones secreted by your adrenals influence all of the major physiological processes in your body. They closely affect the utilization of carbohydrates and fats, the conversion of fats and proteins into energy, the distribution of stored fat (especially around your waist and at the sides of your face), normal blood sugar regulation, and proper gastrointestinal function.

The protective activity of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant hormones secreted by the adrenals helps to minimize negative and allergic reactions to alcohol, drugs, foods and environmental allergens. 

After mid-life (menopause in women), the adrenal glands gradually become the major source of the sex hormones circulating throughout the body in both men and women. These hormones themselves have a whole host of physical, emotional and psychological effects, from the level of your sex drive to the tendency to gain weight. 

Every athlete knows that muscular strength and stamina are acutely affected by the adrenal hormones, more commonly known as steroids.

Even your propensity to develop certain kinds of diseases and your ability to respond to chronic illness is influenced significantly by the adrenal glands. The more chronic the illness, the more critical the adrenal response becomes. You cannot live without your adrenal hormones and, as you can see from this brief overview, how well you live depends a great deal on how well your adrenal glands function.


Adrenal fatigue is something that we ALL need to be aware of at all times.  It can happen from an unexpected run of stress or a turn of events.  It happened to me when I had 5 family members pass away within an 18-month period and at the same time was launching new programs for my clients and looking after the day to day part of running a business, not to mention a small home renovation in that mix.

It was all too much and my adrenal glands slowly got more and more exhausted until I hit severe adrenal fatigue.

I didn’t even recognize my own symptoms at first.  Even though I was exhausted each night, I couldn’t sleep properly and so that added to the exhaustion. Of course, I woke up tired too. I was catching every cold that blew in the wind and it would take a long time to get rid of it. I was really moody, I gained weight and even though I was doing all the right things I couldn’t lose an ounce.  The hay fever that I had eliminated came back with a vengeance and I lost my sex drive.

I seriously did not understand what the heck was going on.  I was so embarrassed. How could this brilliant woman (that is me, in case you are wondering), who specializes in women’s health, be in such bad shape herself?

Fortunately, I am partnered with another brilliant nutritionist (that’s Megan if you haven’t met her yet) and she basically held up the mirror for me to see.   That’s when the lightbulb went on and I realized that I had succumbed to the very thing that I taught about at all my seminars, and it was the issue that I have successfully coached hundreds of women to overcome.  At this point I recognized my issue, I knew exactly what was happening and what to do.

I had severe adrenal fatigue.

Now the teacher needed to be the student.  I followed my own advice and although it didn’t happen overnight, my adrenals did recover and are in great shape now.

I have all the energy I need but I am mindful of not doing too much. My immune system is strong and life is back on track with my husband.

Besides the adrenal nutrients that I used to rejuvenate my adrenal glands, along with the 5 Critical Lifestyle Strategies I live by and preach to my clients (you’ll see these below), I followed these two hard and fast rules of adrenal recovery.

Rule number one: Restoring adrenal health is not a quick fix.  They can and will function optimally again, but you need to be consistent and give it time.  It will take a minimum of 3 months to restore your adrenal health even if you are only suffering from mild adrenal fatigue.  It can take several years if you have reached the point of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Rule number two: You will need to reduce the stress in your life so that you can give your adrenal glands a chance to recover.  Otherwise you are going to be constantly running up a down escalator. No number of supplements will make you feel better if you don’t follow this rule.    Read that again!

adrenal recovery

My nutritional partner, Megan, and myself have become experts in adrenal recovery. And what we know about restoring life to tired adrenal glands could literally fill a book, that is why I have dedicated an entire chapter to adrenal recovery in my hormone book as well as co-authored with Megan (who has also gone through her own adrenal recovery process), a detailed Adrenal E-Manual “Recharge Your Batteries”.

With patience and perseverance, you can have optimal adrenal function. 

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  1. Drink ½ ounce of purified water per pound of body weight daily.
  2. Eat 2 cups of vegetables daily, not including lettuce, potato, peas, corn and mushrooms. You can eat them; they just don’t count.
  3. Reduce caffeine intake to no more than 16 ounces of organic coffee per day.  Zero to 8 ounces is preferable.
  4. Have four to five sugar free days per week.
  5. Find exercise you enjoy, that energizes you and get movement at least 4 times per week.

Information made available through this website is provided for educational or reference purposes only. Nutritional Therapy and/or Coaching is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription, or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.

Copyright Brenda Eastwood, RNCP and Megan Boff, RNCP  2016 – Dramatic Results!

Would you like to use this article in your E-zine or website?  You may, if you include this complete write-up with it: Brenda Eastwood is a holistic health expert who specializes in Women’s Health Issues.  Her expertise stems from over 35 years’ experience as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.  This includes ongoing research, 17 years running a successful private practice, presenting hundreds of seminars and workshops, as well as coaching clients through her unique online Inner Circle program. Today she is reaching out to even more women through her regular article contributions to HANS (Health Action Magazine) and her book “Get off the PMS and Perimenopausal Roller Coaster, Learn 9 Natural Fast Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones”. For more information on Brenda Eastwood please visit or for information on her Total Health Packs visit

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