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Learn the Difference Between Quality and Hype!

The sad truth is that you can flush your money down the toilet if you don’t know the difference between quality and hype.

In my consumer report I share insider secrets so that you can stop wasting your money and start feeling great!

Before you waste another penny on supplements that don’t make you feel any better…

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Free Downloads Referenced in Get off The PMS and Perimenopausal Roller Coaster, Learn 9 Natural Fast Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones book.

Referenced in Chapter 4 Estrogen Dominance Symptoms:

Referenced in Chapter 6 Fast Track Daily Essential Nutrients:

Referenced in Chapter 7 Magnesium Deficiency Checklist:

Referenced in Chapter 7 Calcium: Important facts that can make or break your bones:
Special Report:

Referenced in Chapter 9 Four Step Symptomatology Method Candida Checklists:

Referenced in Chapter 12 Subclinical Hypothyroid Symptoms:

Referenced in Chapter 14 List of Progestin Side Effects:

For Menopausal Women, How To Use This Book

Brenda Eastwood’s Product Recommendations

The “Book Recommendations” can be found on my store. You can click on the button below and be taken directly to the Book Recommendations Page.

All the products that I have recommended in the book are listed on that page. Not only will you see the names of the brands that I recommend, you will see the photos plus their description and ingredients. You will see the suggested retail price plus the DISCOUNTED price that I offer. For your convenience, should you decide to purchase the quality supplements that I have selected and at the discounted prices that I am offering, shipping is also FREE to your door (in Canada) for any order of $75.00 or more before taxes.

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  1. Aura Cacia Bath Salts in Lavender or Tranquility (Our price $3.97)
  2. Hugo Naturals Artisan Snowman Soap, 4 oz (SRP $5.50)
  3. Rhoziva (Rhodiola) 6 day Sample Pack

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