10 benefits of colon cleansing

To do either of my colon cleanses (light cleanse with Lifiber or Internal Cleansing Formula with Pure Ground Psyllium Husks) you do not have to follow a strict dietary plan.  The one you are currently focused on is very adequate.

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Just remember, you must drink lots of water to hydrate the fiber and soften the old fecal material that you are trying to eliminate.

Cleansing is not a race.  The goal is not to see how quickly you can get to the highest level of cleansing dosage but rather to move through the program at your own speed and at a steady rate based on your own results.

The most common mistake made in cleansing is increasing the dosage too quickly.


If you are cleansing (defined as more stool volume or black, dark brown, green or gray stool, or odorous stool), do not increase your dosage.  Once the dosage you are on stops producing a cleansing result, increase your dosage.

For example, if you are taking 1 tsp of Lifiber twice a day and you are passing 4 stools per day, or you are passing extremely odorous stools, or you are passing blended color stool (very dark coloured stool combined with some medium brown color), YOU ARE CLEANSING – DO NOT INCREASE YOUR DOSAGE.  Eventually, this dosage will not be able to lift off any more waste and you will need to increase your dosage.

If you increase too quickly you will actually slow down the emptying out of old fecal by creating more waste than your body can eliminate.  This will produce constipation and/or infrequent bowel movements, which will then only cause you to feel more bloated and/or gassy.

If you misjudge your progress and an increase in dosage causes bloating and or sluggish bowels, I recommend going back to the last dosage you were taking.  If you are still experiencing bloating or reduced elimination, then you can experiment with your bowel aids as outlined in Poop in a Pinch.

Remember you have several choices of products to help you eliminate with ease.

NOTE: Never take Lifiber with the Intestinal Cleansing Formula herb tablets.  Lifiber already has some cleansing herbs in it.   If you combined Lifiber with Intestinal Cleansing Formula you would get too many cleansing herbs and not enough fiber.

Technically you should take your fiber and herbs before a meal.  However, this is not written in stone and it is better to take them during a meal or after a meal than to not take them at all.


Gradually work up to one rounded tablespoon three times per day.  For example, you could follow this schedule.

Level one: 1 level teaspoon of Lifiber two times per day

Level two: 1 rounded teaspoon of Lifiber two times per day

Level three: 1 rounded teaspoon of Lifiber three times per day

Level four: 1 level tablespoon of Lifiber three times per day

Level five: 1 rounded tablespoon of Lifiber three times per day

You can make up any level in between.  For example, if you were taking 1 level tsp of Lifiber twice a day and thought you were ready to increase your dosage but increasing to one rounded tsp twice a day caused you to become constipated, then you make up a level 1A.  This would be one rounded tsp of Lifiber in the AM and one level tsp of Lifiber in the PM.

  1. After you have seen copious quantities of old fecal matter leave your body and you can now take the highest recommended dosage of Lifiber without getting bloated and/or constipated.
  2. If the highest dosage of Lifiber no longer produces a cleansing result and you are now passing 2 to 3 normal stools per day as per “Brenda’s Proper Bowel Function Description”

When you meet criteria 1 and 2, then you have completed a light colon cleanse with Lifiber.

You should reduce your dosage of Lifiber gradually.

For the first week, reduce Lifiber to one rounded tablespoon two times per day.

On the 2nd week, reduce the Lifiber to one rounded tablespoon one time per day.

On the 3rd week, you can reduce to one level tablespoon, but you can certainly take more if you desire.

before and after colon cleansing


You can

  1. Maintain your results with either a level tablespoon of Lifiber or a rounded tsp of Pure Psyllium Husk Powder per day and proceed with the more thorough colon cleanse (Psyllium Husk Powder and Intestinal Cleansing Formula) in a few months.
  2. You can also maintain your results by taking a daily dosage of combined Lifiber with Pure Psyllium Powder.
  3. Proceed with the more thorough colon cleanse (Psyllium Husk Powder and Intestinal Cleansing Formula) now.

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