I used to be called the colon queen. Why? Because I always included a fun portion in my seminars about the importance of colon health.

You can still view those videos here..

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My favorite is the presentation I gave at the gala event for BellyFit. You can view it here …… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7uY8q3gz2k

Regulating your bowel function was and still is a critical component to changing everything in your health from your metabolism to the clarity of your skin, to your energy, to eliminating your PMS and lowering cholesterol.

bowel function

Besides the symptoms in the photo and the list I mentioned above, not regulating your colon can be much more serious.

  • 423 Canadians, on average, are diagnosed with CRC (Colorectal Cancer) every week.
  • 175 Canadians, on average, die of this disease every week.



Chronic constipation raises one’s risk of developing colorectal cancer for two reasons:

  1.  It may cause the number of carcinogens in the stool, (such as bile acids and other compounds), to become more concentrated.
  2. It may result in these carcinogens being in contact with the cells lining the large intestine and rectum for longer periods of time.

lifetime member stool watching club


Some people believe if they poop every other day, that is normal, BUT I don’t agree.  I think everyone should eliminate far more often.  To know how well you are eliminating, you will need to join my stool watching club.


  • Every person should have at least 2-3 bowel movements per day (one per meal).  You do not have to have a movement following each meal, you just must eliminate 2-3 times per day, which could all be in the morning, or could all be in the evening.
  • There should be no stress or straining.
  • The total stool length per movement should measure from the crease of your wrist to the bend of your elbow.
  • The diameter should be the size of the circle you make by placing your pointer finger at the bend in your thumb.
  • The stool should be light to medium brown in color, free of undigested food, non-odorous, and mostly floating.

proper bowel function


I recommend doing the first 3 steps simultaneously.

STEP ONE: Hydrate properly.

When your body gets too little water, it siphons what it needs from internal sources.  The colon is one primary source.  The result is dehydrated stool, which is so sticky and gluey it cannot easily pass from the bowel.

Suggested use: Drink ½ oz. of filtered water per pound of body weight daily.

STEP TWO: Restore magnesium levels.

Calcium contracts and magnesium releases. Therefore, if you are low in magnesium, your bowel contracts without releasing and you stop the natural motion of your intestinal tract and become constipated.

Other symptoms of contraction without release are tension headaches, asthma, jaw tension or grinding of teeth, muscle cramps and menstrual cramps, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

New Roots Herbal Magnesium Citrate Plus L-Taurine (canadianvitaminshop.com)

For your free magnesium usage guide go here…

Magnesium-Usage-Guide-03-23.pdf (hormonerollercoaster.com)

Suggested use: Take a minimum of 3 magnesium citrate before bed.

STEP THREE: Balance your intestinal bacteria.

A healthy adult should have about 4-8 lbs. of friendly bacteria in the lower gut.

These friendly bacteria should comprise about 85% of all organisms in your bowel. The remaining 15% is undesirable bacteria and fungus. You need to maintain this ratio to keep the undesirable bacteria/fungus in check or else the aggressive bacteria/fungus will take over.

You need the good bacteria for many things from helping you maintain your proper weight to lowering cholesterol.  But for regulating your bowel function, good bacteria help you create lubricated stools, which can pass more easily from your body.

Suggested program: Do an intestinal tune up.

Intestinal Tune Up Two Parts

Intestinal Tune Up

Two parts.

  1. Lower the bad bacteria.

For two weeks, take either 2 tsps. of Silver Biotics liquid or 15 drops of Grapefruit Seed liquid (GSE) twice a day (best taken both after breakfast and after dinner or mid-morning and mid-evening).

Silver Biotics Silver Supplement (canadianvitaminshop.com) (Learn all the other uses for Silver Biotics here….

silver-biotics-usage-guide-for-your-reference.pdf (hormonerollercoaster.com)


New Roots Herbal Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate (canadianvitaminshop.com)

  1. Increase the good bacteria.

During the same two weeks take one capsule of Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU twice a day.

After the first two weeks, you can discontinue the Silver Biotics or GSE, and continue with one Genuine Health Capsule once a day for a minimum total of 3 months.

Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 Billion (canadianvitaminshop.com)

extra support for constipation


STEP FOUR: Take ConcenTrace Ionic Minerals

Besides increasing your energy and/or endurance, Concentrace Ionic Minerals will help bring water into your colon.

When your stool is at least 75% water, no more constipation. The stool becomes softer, smaller, and easier to pass. It can work when traveling, and even help solve hemorrhoid problems.

Anderson’s Health Solutions CONCENTRACE TRACE MINERAL DROPS (canadianvitaminshop.com)

Suggested Use: Start with 20 drops of ConcenTrace in water twice daily, but this can be increased to several times daily if needed to “get things moving”. Cut back the dosage to the amount that keeps your bowels moving effectively without creating loose stool.

I will warn you that the ConcenTrace Ionic minerals isn’t the best tasting. It’s not a bad taste but it is definitely a distinct taste. The way I deal with that is to put my drops in an ounce of water in a shot glass, and then “shoot” it back.

STEP FIVE: Add prolax

Prolax is an excellent remedy for chronic constipation. It cleanses and restores natural tone to the colon, which over time will allow it to function normally.

It contains Cascara Sagrada which is an excellent remedy for chronic constipation. Its hormone-like oils promote the wave like motion in the intestinal canal without causing a storm. Cascara Sagrada is not habit-forming because it cleanses and restores natural tone to the colon, which over time will allow it to function normally. Prolax also has other herbs and homeopathics that will help the intestinal tract to function properly.

You will need to ask the Vitamin Shop to order it in for you as it is something they do not stock on a regular basis.

Suggested Use: Try one capsule before bed. If no better BM in the AM, take two before bed. If still no better BM in AM take 3 before bed.

**Prolax can be taken with magnesium and ionic minerals.

STEP SIX: Unicity Aloe Vera Capsules

There are two categories of Aloe Vera: juice and capsules. I am suggesting the Aloe Vera Inner Leaf capsules for the purpose of enhancing elimination, not aloe vera juice. However, the only Aloe Vera capsule that I know of to be effective as an aid to elimination is the Unicity Aloe Vera which is not sold in retail outlets but can be direct ordered. Details here…

How-to-Order-Unicity.pdf (hormonerollercoaster.com)

Suggested Use: If you purchase the Aloe Vera caps, start with one Aloe Vera Inner Leaf 500 mg capsule before bed and don’t take any Prolax with it. For some people one Aloe cap creates the perfect response. At the most, you might require two at night or one at night and one in the morning.

Aloe vera capsules can be taken with magnesium and ionic minerals.  It can also be taken with Prolax, but add the Prolax if needed, do not start with Prolax and Aloe Vera Capsules together.


Additional dietary or supplemental fiber can make a huge difference to the function of your bowel as well but the wrong fiber or adding too much too soon can make you more constipated. For now, stick to the above suggestions.

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