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The more I research and receive feedback from clients, the more convinced I am that most people are deficient in magnesium.  Therefore, I hope this bulletin will serve as a reminder about its relevance to your day to day health. 

Contracted States = Magnesium Deficiency

Whenever there is a contracted state in your body such as muscle cramps, high blood pressure, clenching of your jaw or grinding teeth, menstrual cramps, asthma (constriction of the bronchiole tubes), headaches, migraines, or muscle tension YOU NEED MAGNESIUM.   Most constipation also responds to magnesium.

Client Testimonials

“About two months ago at your suggestion my 19-year-old daughter started taking 3 magnesium capsules before bed to help soften her stool.  It is working really well, no more painful b.m.’s, thank you! She also took the Lifibre daily for about two weeks but now only takes it occasionally if she feels she needs it.” Susan M.

“Hi Brenda- The magnesium has changed my life!!! It is my new best friend!! I am telling all my friends about it. I am on disability for 20 migraines/month. Since taking the magnesium- I take 6 a day- I no longer have tight shoulder muscles in spasms. I have the same number of migraines but much reduced in intensity. I have tried everything known to man for this migraine problem of 25 plus years- had even tried magnesium before, but obviously not the right kind or not enough. Perhaps I will be able to go back to work in time.” Yours in gratitude- Kathie D

“Years ago, my dentist recommended a custom-made mouth guard to protect my teeth from excessive grinding while asleep.  I had ground my teeth for as long as I could remember, causing tooth enamel wear, jaw tension and headaches upon waking.  I asked him how long this very expensive mouth guard would last and he said, “you won’t grind though this material, it should last indefinitely”.  Well guess what? Within a year, I had ground through it on one side.  My dentist was astonished! 

Not long after this, I found Brenda, and began her programs.  I added magnesium to my regime and within a few short weeks I noticed I was forgetting to use my mouth guard at night, yet I was not waking up with jaw tension or headaches anymore.   

If I kept taking magnesium, I did not grind my teeth. Again, my dentist was astonished.  He could not believe I did not need my mouth guard anymore and that I had miraculously stopped grinding my teeth.  By monitoring my teeth enamel, he could see that I was no longer grinding. 

That was 10 years ago.

What I discovered was 1) I was severely magnesium deficient for a long time, so I needed magnesium daily, and a lot of it at first.  2) I found that my need for magnesium fluctuated along with other factors in my life such as my stress levels, how well I ate, how rested I was, how much exercise I got and most of all, with my cycle every month. 

Through Brenda’s information, I learned to listen to my body and adjust my dosage of magnesium as needed throughout these changes.  At the peak of my deficiency and stress, I would need to take as many as 6 or 8 caps daily.  When things are coasting along nicely, I can maintain with 2-3 caps daily, increasing slightly if I need to through my cycle, then reducing again. 

Even though I eat well, and my diet includes lots of magnesium rich foods, I find I still need to supplement to meet my body’s requirement for this mineral.” Megan 


On average clients need 2 to 5 caps per day.  Absorption is best if taken in the evening or before bed. 

Both Megan’s story and Kathie D’s stories above illustrate that dosage determines the results that you get.  Not only is this true of magnesium, it is true of all nutritional products.  See Carol’s and Natalie’s story below.

“And by the way, further to your comments on dosage, on one sleepless night, I took 2 GABA, still awake, took another one or two (I can’t remember) and dozed right off, to awaken fresh as a daisy in the morning!”  Thanks, Carol 

Natalie’s gums bled easily (a sign of vitamin C deficiency).  EVEN THOUGH she was ALREADY TAKING 1,000 mg of buffered vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) twice a day, her body still needed more. 

I suggested she double her dose and within 2 weeks her gums stopped bleeding.


Quality is important too.  We only recommend New Roots magnesium citrate with taurine (or magnesium Bisglycinate).  Taurine is an amino acid that drives the magnesium into your cells, where it needs to be.

This is what Denise M has to say about quality. “Another thing I want to let you know is that your magnesium really does work. When we were up north, I ran out of your magnesium, so I bought the Natural Factors one from the Health Food store in Athabasca.

My upper back, shoulder, neck tightness returned when I switched magnesium. I picked up my order yesterday, so last night I took 3 of your magnesium and this morning the tightness is pretty much gone again. I guess the L-Taurine really does make a difference. Thank you.”

Magnesium Citrate & L-Taurine New Roots 180 caps

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“Thanks very much Brenda!  How I needed that update.  Am already feeling better – and SLEEPING!  I am sure it is the magnesium.” Marilyn R., Victoria

“I did what you suggested Sunday and have been taking 3 magnesium capsules at night before bed, and WOW! I cannot believe what incredible sleeps I have been having!  I never would have thought that I had any sleep problems but considering how incredibly good and well rested- like never before- that I have been feeling these past two mornings, I must have.” Jody B. Calgary

“My husband is so sold on this GABA and magnesium combo I can’t believe it.  He has not slept so well in years!  He is an incredibly stressed out business guy, so this is just amazing as his roaming around at night used to interrupt my sleep.  Anyway, we are telling people about it so I want to be as informed as I can be.  My husband takes one GABA 500mg (your brand) at night and on the odd occasion when he wakes up, he takes a second. He also takes magnesium citrate (your brand) in the morning and one at night” Lynn V, Victoria



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