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“I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and knowledge. I love the way you care about women’s health.”

Valerie D

Victoria BC

“I love the convenience of ordering online and knowing it will be here so fast, often the next day! Kudos to all of you!” 

Linda R Langley


“Thank you, I received my order within a couple of days, very fast service !!”

Marlene G Lacombe


“I’ve been meaning to tell you what a smart move I made in taking the total health pack. I LOVE them. My energy and overall well being has been enhanced. I’m amazed. Thanks again.”

Julie H

Winnipeg, MB

“All I want to input is simply a thank you for promptness in filling at filling our orders. I just really appreciate that you are always so efficient in responding to my questions or orders. Thanks for that!”

Laurel H Surrey


“I really cant believe what a difference just taking two total health packs has made in my life. I feel awake focused and optimistic everyday now. I am less irritable and all of these things help to make me a better person in my life and for those around me. I didn’t even realize how much I needed them and didn’t know I could feel this amazing. Great products!”

Carrie G

Buck Lake Alberta

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for your wealth of knowledge and your generosity. Thank you! You are amazing and provide such important information for good health!”

Valerie D

Victoria BC

“I love the new quick “shopping list store” on your website. So convenient! Thank you :)”

Linda L


“THANK YOU for putting links to those great articles on the home page of the website. I will be sending them to lots of people. I never do as good a job of explaining to people as you will have covered in the articles.”

Liz G

Aldergrove BC

“Thanks for helping me and my family stay healthy :)”

Kristin P

Kelowna BC

“Thank you for your amazingly fast service. You and Canada Post what a team!”

Lynn I

Burnaby BC

“I have been feeling better since I started taking your Total Health Pack. I find I’m much more consistent with taking it since it’s in the handy little pack.”

Chris T


“Thank you for your hard work. I love that I can trust the supplements I purchase here. One trip to the local HFS leaves me feeling overwhelmed by the shelves upon shelves of the ‘same’ supplement. I always feel confident when I purchase here.”

Charlene M

Langley BC

“I am grateful for all the information you have selflessly shared to promote great health.”

Wendy W

Victoria BC

“Thank you for the newsletters and your great service and delivery of products, greatly appreciated.”

Marlene G

Lacombe AB

“I’m just so grateful for your wealth of knowledge and access to your website. Thank you!”

Valerie D

Victoria BC

“I received my order already, I am Amazed at the Fast service!! Thank you so much! Sincerely,” 

Kathe K

Abbotsford BC

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you for introducing me to your wonderful line of vitamins/creams that make me feel better every day. Who says turning 50 isn’t awesome!?”

Tamara J

Kelowna BC

“I am very excited and motivated to continue with this program/these supplements and adjust my lifelong eating habits to reach and maintain optimal health.”

Kim H

Surrey BC

“Thank you for the Oh So Quick delivery, love it:)”

Giesela K

Mission BC

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  1. Magnesium Chloride/Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes 23 grams (SRP $5.50)
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  3. Attitude EWG VERIFIED™Lemon Leaves Foam Soap (Our Price $5.97)

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