Take immediate action!

At best you will keep the virus from infecting you and it will pass, at worst, you will shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of the symptoms.


flu help sleep flu help water flu help no sugar

  1. Sleep as much as you can. The more sleep you get the faster your body will heal.
  2. Drink lots of water, at least 8-8 oz glasses in the day. The water will keep the mucus fluid so your body can expel it.
  3. Don’t touch a single granule of refined sugar(things like cookies, cake, candies, ice cream, pop, chocolate, alcohol, etc) as sugar immediately depresses your immune system.


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1. TAKE EXTRA VITAMIN C (Calcium Ascorbate with bioflavanoids)

Sisu Ester-C – 1000 mg Bonus (

Sisu Ester-C – Bonus Size (

Take 3,000 mg three times per day or take 9,000 to 10,000 mg spread out over the day.

If this dosage causes you to have loose stool, then you will have to cut back a bit.
And if you are wondering if you can simply get the vitamin C you need by drinking orange juice or eating oranges, what you need to know is that each ORGANIC orange would have (at best) 50 mg of vitamin C.  So, to get even 2,000 mg of vitamin C, you would need to eat 40 oranges.


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You can use the Silver Biotics Liquid to spray into your throat, to gargle with, or to drink.  If you take it right away, you may knock the cold/flu out. Many people have reported by-passing their cold/flu by gargling (and then swallowing) with it at the first sign of their sore throat.

Depending on the severity of your cold/flu will depend on how much you want to take; you can take as much as one tsp every hour or a minimum of 2 tsp 3 times per day.

It can fight infection as well and is gentle and safe on mucous membranes so can be applied topically (i.e. sinuses, ears and throat) without dilution.

You do not need food in your stomach to take it.  It is virtually tasteless, so it is absolutely great for kids (or wimps)!

3. Cold Defense Elixir

This is a perfect herbal ingredient blend to not only help you recover faster but to minimize and ease the symptoms of a cold or flu.  It contains:

Echinacea: has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Goldenseal: can be thought of as an herbal antibiotic and immune system enhancer.

Osha root: acts as an herbal decongestant.

Usnea: is more specific for strep and staph infections than Echinacea, and it has a long history of use in healing colds and flu.

Ginger: acts as an antihistamine and decongestant, two cold-easing effects that can help with symptoms.

Marshmallow: has a soothing effect on inflamed membranes when you have a sore throat.   It also helps reduce dry coughing and prevent further irritation.

***NOTE: If you are allergic to any herb of the daisy family you may have an allergic reaction to Echinacea.  If you have an autoimmune disorder and can’t stimulate your immune system then please do not use this formula.  Instead choose sterols and sterolins.

flu cold help sterols sterolins4. STEROLS AND STEROLINS

**Can be used as an alternate to Cold Defense Elixir or can be taken as added protection in preventing a cold/flu.

Sterols and Sterolins are known as immune modulators because they correct and balance the immune system. This means they are even safe for people with autoimmune diseases who cannot take things like Echinacea that stimulate the immune system.

This formula provides sufficient potency for therapeutic effect.

Anyone can take one cap a day in flu and cold season to prevent illness.  If you already have a cold or flu, take one three times per day.


To make sure that you are doing everything you can to prevent a cold or flu GO HERE.

And PLEASE, try not to infect others. If you are sick, we don’t want what you have, so STAY HOME!

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